Dad Turns ‘Shy’ Son’s Lunch Bags Into Epic Art To Help Boost Confidence

This dad has cooked up a really clever way to make his kid’s lunchtime extra special, and it’s given his son a much-needed confidence boost. Prepare to up your school lunch game, people.

If you’re gearing up for a new school year, you’ll know the how quickly enthusiasm can wane for creating impressive lunches for your little ones (try using our Healthy Kids Lunch Boxes book to beat the boredom!). So we’re in awe of dad Dominick Cabalo who uses the humble, brown lunch bag as his canvas.

Art breaking down barriers

The artistic father began adorning his son Nicholas’ lunch bags with illustrations three years ago.

“Even though he has friends, he’s pretty shy, so I started doing these to help break the ice and get conversations going,” the father explained on Imgur. “He took some summer school courses out-of-state, and these helped a lot when he didn’t know anyone.”

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Nicholas is now 12, but still wants his dad to continue drawing on his lunch bags. He’s illustrated about 400 lunch bags over the three years.

Dominick explains on Imgur: “They take about an hour each, maybe more, if I get really ambitious. But when you’re doing something fun like this while watching TV, it goes by pretty quick. I use paints, markers, coloured pencils, etc. until I get the desired effect.

“Because they’re ‘disposable’ I try not to spend more than an hour or so to draw; it’s sort of a challenge to figure out when to stop and just assume they’ll be destroyed or messed up during the day.”

Sensational sandwich bag series

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Dominick says when he has time to pre-plan what he’s going to draw, he completes a series of bags that form one picture when put together.

“Occasionally, when I’m ahead of schedule, and as a fun easter egg, I’ll draw them in such a way that they’ll join up together to form a larger image. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but in our house, lunch is probably the most creative.”

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He even took the time to honour the life of Carrie Fisher.

What an awesome way to keep school lunch interesting. If you’re already trying to work out how you’re going to stay on top of the school lunches this year, get some inspiration from our FREE Kids Lunch Boxes Recipe Pack.