You’re a different person after giving birth, says science!

They say after having a baby, you feel like a completely different person. It turns out, scientifically, this is completely true!

After you give birth, your priorities completely shift, you focus on different things and without a doubt, you do change.

And your body completely changes also! Here’s how…

You're a different person after giving birth, says science!

How your body and brain change after giving birth

In a study published in Scientific American, scientists found that almost all female mammals undergo “fundamental changes” after birth and that pregnancy as well as lactation hormones might alter the brain.

In fact, the brain structure completely changes due to the “increasing the size of the neurons in some regions and producing structural changes in others.”

Pregnancy can change the structure of your brain

Other research found that pregnancy hormones can help improve our memory and learning abilities – what mum brain?!

Meanwhile, another study, which was conducted by researchers at Arizona State University, found that during pregnancy, foetal cells spread throughout the mother’s body.

In fact, scientists have discovered that a small part of your baby literally remains inside you for a very long time after you give birth.

This Part Of Your Baby Remains In Your Body For Up To 38 Years, Claim Experts
Source: Istock.

Your baby’s cells stay in your body for up to 38 years

These cells can stay in your body for up to 38 years after your child is born and the good news is, it makes you stronger. The phenomenon is called ‘fetomaternal microchimerism’.

There’s even some evidence that these cells help protect against some cancers, and are less common in women who have developed Alzheimer’s, which suggests they also provide late-life protection.

Babies born at home are exposed to beneficial bacteria that boosts their immune system, study finds

What’s more, women may feel less pain after they’ve given birth. Many new mums report that the pain of labour evaporates as soon as they hold their child for the first time.

This is known as the ‘halo effect’ and is due to the release of the hormone oxytocin, creating a euphoria. It could also explain why mums forget the pain of childbirth and go on to have more kids!

So there you have it! You do change after giving birth! Science has proven it.

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