Don’t Mess With A Very Pregnant Olivia Wilde (Or ANY Pregnant Mumma)

I have to admit that I really felt for Olivia Wilde when I saw her Instagram post below. At 38 weeks pregnant myself I’m totally over it, and I don’t even have to deal with paparazzi hiding in bushes.

The poor thing! Totally not cool (but don’t you love the hashtag #mamawofwillcutyou).

When it comes to pregnant women, there are a few no go areas. You’d think they were fairly obvious, but it turns out a lot of people are just a bit daft when it comes to late pregnancy.

Here are 5 things no pregnant mumma wants to hear.

5 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Pregnant Woman

1. Labour Horror Stories

Seriously, no pregnant mum needs to hear your labour horror story (or that of your friend of a friend). Why would you think that was helpful?

Every labour is different, so unless you have something positive to say, keep quiet.

You might like to read this positive, calming birth story from one of our Healthy Mummy Mums instead.

2. You Look Like You’re Having Twins

All mums-to-be carry differently. Just as it’s rude to tell a non pregnant woman she is huge, it’s also rude to tell a pregnant mummy she’s massive, looks like she’s having twins or is “ready to burst”.

If she’s having twins, she will let you know (if she wants to!).

Just tell her she looks fabulous… or keep your mouth shut.

3. You’re TINY

The same rule applies to comments on how small a pregnant belly is. No mum wants to worry that her baby isn’t growing based on the observations of a stranger.

Again… the correct answer is “You’re looking fabulous”!

4. Just Wait Until The Baby’s Born…

If a pregnant mummy is having a whinge about her aches and pains and inability to sleep, it is NOT a good time to come out with the line “just wait until the baby is born”.

There is also no need to follow it up with horror stories about newborn babies.

Empathise, offer some practical assistance and let her have a whine. Pregnancy is hard.

5. Unsolicited Advice

The further you get along in your pregnancy, the more advice you seem to receive.

Once you get close to the end it seems to be fair game for any random stranger to offer you advice on everything from birth positions and pain relief options to dummies and breast feeding.

If you aren’t asked for advice, don’t offer it.

Did you experience any of these “helpful” comments during your pregnancy? How did you respond? Would your face have looked something like Olivia Wilde’s?!

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