Even Pregnant Celebs Can’t Get Public Transport Passengers To Budge!

A heavily pregnant Olivia Wilde was understandably angry that no passengers on a busy subway were willing to give up their seat… despite her obvious 8 month pregnant belly!

Olivia Wilde pregnant

She took to Twitter to vent her frustration.

Despite the many signs suggesting passengers offer up their seats to elderly, pregnant or otherwise less mobile passengers, no one was willing.

Have you experienced the same scenario?

10 Things That Drive Pregnant Mums MAD

1. People who park their car too close

There’s nothing more frustrating than returning to your car only to discover that some doofus has parked their car millimetres from your drivers door.

Even a catwalk model would struggle to fit through the gap, let alone a heavily pregnant belly!

2. Being told you are HUGE or tiny

The only appropriate comment in regards to a pregnant women’s belly is how lovely she looks.

Pregnant mummies don’t want to hear how huge or tiny they are, or how they look like they might be about to give birth any day now.

3. You must be having twins!

See point above. If she’s carrying twins, she’ll let you know.

4. Hands off

Do you touch strangers beer bellies? No?

Ok then, don’t touch a strangers pregnant belly. It’s creepy and almost always unwelcome.

5. Being told you’re hormonal

Good luck to the husband of a pregnant woman who brushes off her emotions as “pregnancy hormones”. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. Just don’t EVER say it to a pregnant woman. Trust us.

6. Random advice from strangers

If a pregnant mummy is after advice, she’ll ask. Unsolicited advice on pregnancy, birth or babies from random strangers is rarely appreciated.

7. Labour horror stories

What is it that makes people feel the need to disclose the worst labour stories they know to every unsuspecting pregnant mum.

Labour isn’t always awful and it’s rarely dangerous. Pregnant mums already have enough to stress about without being terrified of labour.

8. Have you had the baby yet?

Overdue mummies don’t need reminding on a daily basis that they are STILL incubating a small human.

Trust us, once the baby arrives you’ll be informed when mum and dad are good and ready.

9. Ask details about how the baby was conceived

It’s really none of your business if the pregnancy is a surprise or was planned. Whether bub was conceived via IVF or as a result of other assistive reproductive technology is also none of your concern. If the information isn’t offered, don’t ask.

10. Use the phrase “just wait until baby arrives”

Implying to a tired, sore pregnant pregnant woman that things are only going to get worse is not a good move. Be supportive, share in her struggles.

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