Fifi Box back at work WITH baby Daisy

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Fifi Box has returned to work less three months after the birth of her second daughter, Daisy.


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Back on the airwaves with my baby! Not sure Daisy’s impressed though ? @fififevbyron @thefox1019

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Fifi Box back at work with baby Daisy

The radio presenter is back on Fox FM this week with co-hosts Brendan Fevola and Byron Cooke live from her bedroom with baby Daisy by her side.


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Back with the boys tomorrow morning can’t wait!! ???? @brendanfevola25 @byroncooke @fififevbyron @thefox1019

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Fifi shared a video of her first day back at work on Instagram with her fans.

You could see the busy mum at home in her dressing gown in front of the microphone with baby Daisy.

During one segment she told her co-hosts that she needed to be excused for a sec.

Continue the conversation without me, I’ll be back in a sec,” Fifi said.

Little Daisy was ready for a feed and Fifi did exactly what any mum would do.

Sorry I’ve just had to put her on for a feed,” she said after accidentally giving them an eyeful. “Is the webcam a bit high?

Byron laughed and replies: “It’s a mother’s right to do that. Daisy is very hungry obviously, starving”.

Fifi asks, “You can’t actually see my boob can you?” They replied, “Yeah you can”.

Daughter, Trixie, also made an appearance this week popping in to say HI while mum was live on air leaving the hosts all very confused and off-track from their original discussion.


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Fifi was broadcasting from home this morning – and Trixie Box decided to crash the party! ?❤️

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