Hamish Blake’s Hilarious Reaction To His Son’s Bedtime Antics

Caught on camera!

It seems Hamish Blake and his wife Zoe Foster Blake knew their two-year-old son Sonny wasn’t going to go straight to sleep on his first night in his big boy bed!

In fact, they filmed his antics via the baby monitor and shared it with their followers on Instagram!

Zoe can be seen tucking Sonny in, but as soon as she leaves the room the toddler was up and about – and he even gets up close to the baby monitor!

Hamish, who is filming from elsewhere, can be heard giggling at his son’s antics.

“‘Now, you stay in bed,’ I said, as I kissed my angel goodnight in his new, sideless cot. ‘Of course mama,’ he whispered sweetly, and rolled straight over to sleep,” Zoe captioned the post.


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