Hilaria Baldwin Gets Honest About Having 3 Kids In Three Years

Just over a week ago, Hilaria Baldwin had her third baby. You might say that three kids are tough, but what about 3 in 3 years?

Guess who fell asleep last night, breastfeeding, without washing her face????!!! This tired mommy?. Making the adjustment of having a 3rd child has been wonderful, but very hard at the same time. I’m doing everything in my power to give him all he needs and still make my two older babies feel special and not ignored. Honestly, it’s tough. I literally run between them all day long. I’m brand new to this 3 dynamic, but I believe that if I really invest now and create a happy environment for them, they will become a little inseparable unit. This is my hope. Carmen and Rafael had a hard time when I was in the hospital, away from them for 2 days. Even though they visited me, I am never away from them…not even for a night. Anytime I leave the room now they start crying and Carmen begs me not to “leave” her or “forget” her. So this mommy is working triple duty to shower all of them with extra love and support…but I sure am sleepy as a result!! This is a long way of giving you my excuse for not washing my face and not posting yesterday. This post is for yesterday and I’ll do another one later today ???? #366daysoflivingclearly #hilarialcm

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Like a completely normal and tired mama, Hilaria fell asleep without washing her face. Sharing it on Instagram, she tells us about life with the new dynamics of having three children in three years.

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Krystal Haddad

Krystal is a writer from Sydney's Northern Beaches with a passion for tattoos. When she isn't chasing her 3 kids around, she's on her laptop pretending she's Carrie Bradshaw.