Jamie Oliver Buys Buddy A Big Boy Bed And It’s AWESOME!

Jools and Jamie Oliver have moved their son, Buddy, to a big boy bed, and we are 100% jealous. It’s one of the coolest beds we’ve EVER seen. We have some serious bed envy. I’d love to crawl up and hibernate in there after a long hard days work.

From his little cot bed to his first ‘big boy bed’! Think he likes it ? @nubie_kids your beds are amazing ??xxx

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Do they make them for adults?

Buddy must be feeling like such a big boy in his brand new (and amazing) big boy bed. Now the six year old is no longer the youngest of the Oliver tribe, he must be feeling pretty stoked.

Kind of a big deal

Moving your kids to a big bed can be somewhat of a big deal. You’re not only changing their bed, but moving them out of the baby phase and into the big kid phase. It can be an anxious time for you and your child and here are some ways to keep them happy with the decision to transition.

Tips to make the transition to a toddler bed easier

Kids might be excited at first, but the reality of a big kid bed can become daunting the more they think about it.

  1. Take them shopping so they can pick out their own bed sheets.
  2. Buy them a new and fun night light to keep next to their bed.
  3. Let them pick a colour scheme for their big kid new room.
  4. Jump in the bed with them for a quick cuddle.
  5. Purchase a side rail to make them feel safe.

With these tips, the transition can be made easier. And if your bed is as cool as Buddy’s, I’m sure your kids will have no problem. Once they’re in their big bed here are 6 tips to get them to stay in it at night.

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