Jessica Biel And Ellen Degeneres Prank Justin With Baby News

Jessica Biel appeared on The Ellen Degeneres show this week and as per usual, Ellen had some hilarious pranking to do. The always-funny comedian grabbed Biel’s phone and proceeded to tell husband, Justin Timberlake, the good (but totally fake) news.


As Justin was making sweet potato fries with son, Silas, (awwww) he receives a call from Ellen and the studio. Ellen says: “Guess what? Not only is there going to be a king of the house… There’s gonna be a queen of the house.” Jess follows by saying: “Surprise!!”

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 Justin Wasn’t Having A Bar Of It

When Ellen asked Justin why he didn’t sound super excited about the awesome news, he made this hilarious come back: “Oh, well I can’t wait to find out whose it is!” 

The Can’t Stop The Feeling singer has hinted in previous interviews that he’s not quite ready for another baby. Crossing his fingers and looking straight into the camera, he ‘prays’ for a sequel to the hit kids movie, Trolls, before they even think about having a second mini Timber-Biel. 

Justin doesn’t sound too impressed on the phone as the two giggle amongst themselves.

Have a look at the hilarious moment Jessica and Ellen prank call Justin.

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