John Legend Reveals The Struggle Of IVF Being So Taboo

Award-winning singer John Legend and his wife supermodel Chrissy Teigen are known across the interwebs for being beautiful on the inside and out. But most of all they’re known for being hilariously funny and always keeping it real.

So it probably comes as no surprise that Legend recently opened up about fertility issues and how no one should be ashamed of something out of their control.

Legend Says The Struggle Is Real

The singer recently opened up on Loose Women to help make the topic less taboo. Legend said that he and model wife Chrissy want to expand their family and hope to have three or four children through IVF.

“A lot of people struggle with fertility and they shouldn’t be ashamed of it. A lot of people want to have kids and maybe can’t do it the natural way,” he says

“I think people should do it if that’s what will work for them. We’ll do it again [IVF]. We want to have a few kids… like three or four.”

In the past Chrissy has opened up about her fertility struggles and her desire to have many more children. The couple struggled to conceive for seven years before turning to IVF.

While it’s been reported that doctors were not able to give them a clear answer as to why they couldn’t conceive naturally.

IVF In Australia

Meanwhile, new research released from the University of Adelaide looks set to help women who undergo the normally gruelling process of IVF. It’s hoping to make IVF a more efficient and cost-effective process for couples.

The research has been currently successfully tested on mice. It uses the same technology that is used to diagnose cancer cells within patients by mathematically modelling the inside of the embryo.

So it seems that maybe in a few years this procedure might be more financially viable for couples. You can read more about it here.

In addition, you can read about a midwife’s IVF journey here.


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