Kick off 2020 with January’s Motivating Mums

A new year means a new chance to join thousands of mums and change your life with The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Throughout January’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, these mums will be here to give you advice, guidance and some great motivation tips when you need it.

Kick off 2020 with January’s Motivating Mums

Today we introduce you to your January MOTIVATING MUMS, with a bit about each mum, and their top tips for keeping you focused and motivated throughout this month’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. These mums are here to help you stay on track, stay motivated and kick your goals!

Chelsea Dickson has lost over 48kgs on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Chelsea, 32, is a Mum of 4, 1 girl aged 10 & 3 boys aged 7,4,2, from Gympie on the Sunshine Coast.

Chelsea shares, “I have lost a total of 48.6kgs on 10x 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, plus over 160cm just by having one Healthy Mummy Smoothie a day and following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“My Goal for 2020 is to give everything a go! Believe in myself, I can & I will.

“I would like to tone and strengthen my body, run my 1st half marathon, lose another 11.6kgs, then maintain.

“I never realised I was depressed or sad I just thought stuffing my face on the couch was the thing to do.

“Now I know the difference I have a smile I get out of my pyjamas I love living life.

“I do the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge because it’s a lifestyle, this is forever this allows you to live your best life it teaches us moderation and just to give it our best.

“When I started my goal was 85kg I never thought it was possible, so I’m past my goal and now just getting comfortable within my own skin.

Chelsea’s Top Tips:

  • Transition your foods search the hub for food you love and make the Healthy Mummy version, you will love them.
  • Be prepared, have a freezer stash make extra serves, being prepared helps you stay on track.
  • Drink water and enjoy it
  • Love your exercise, find what works just love your life, enjoy your journey.

Chelsea’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipe:

“My favourite meal is Chicken parmigiana and salad, it’s on my menu all the time!”

Chicken Parmigiana

Stacey Webb has lost 14 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Stacey, 35, from the Blue Mountains, NSW and have 4 children aged 7, 4 and 16-month-old twins.

Stacey shares, “I joined Healthy Mummy in 2016. I was unhappy with myself both physically and mentally and I wanted to change that. I lost 10 kilos with the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in 3 months and maintained that weight loss even through a back injury.

“I had a Healthy Mummy twin pregnancy and continued my Healthy Mummy journey whilst being postpartum. Between 1 month postpartum with the twins until now I have lost 14 kilos and over 60cm, as well as being a size 14 to a size 12.

“I have maintained my weight loss for a few months and in between that time I have increased my strength and fitness. I have found during my pregnancy and postpartum journey that I have been really focusing more on my body confidence within myself more than anything. Enjoying my journey and loving the person I see looking back at me in the mirror.”

Stacey’s 2020 goals:

  • Continue to work on my inner strength
  • Continue working on increasing my fitness and physical strength
  • Increase my knowledge on nutrition
  • Embrace new challenges that may come my way
  • Not to let my fear factor in my decisions

Stacey’s health benefits on Healthy Mummy:

  • Assisted with scaled and modified exercise under the guidance of a professional when I had a back injury
  • Assisted with having a healthy and active twin pregnancy
  • Improved self confidence and body confidence. Appreciating my body for what it had already gone through as well as what it continues to do.
  • Improved overall mindset including lowered anxiety levels.

“I love the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, it is apart of my lifestyle and routine. I love the variety of recipes and exercises. I can customize the recipes to suit my family and I as well as doing the workouts at home. I am very excited to try the new Mind Power that has just launched too.”

Stacey’s favourite Healthy Mummy Snacks:


Stacey’s top tips:

  • Remember why you want to change then just start making small changes. This will help you establish what works for you and your family.
  • Remember it is not a race. Sometimes you have to be patient and stay consistent for some of the changes and goals you have within yourself to happen.
  • Not every day will be perfect or go according to plan. So make sure you love yourself every day especially on those hard days.

Tarryn Eames has lost 23 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Tarryn, 28, is a mum of 3 (aged 1,5 & 7) and lives in Campbelltown, Sydney.

Tarryn shares, “In 19 months with the help of the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the Healthy Mummy products I have lost 23kgs, over 100cms from my body and gained confidence and self-love!

“My goals for 2020 are to lose another 10-15 kilos and see me reach my healthy BMI, be able to run 5km, gain strength and continue to share my journey with women all over the world!

“I signed up to the Lifetime Membership in March 2019 when it was on a super sale with a payment plan after seeing results from using the products and free recipes. So this will be my 9th x 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

“One of the biggest changes throughout my journey has been my mental transformation. I went from a sad, emotional, depressed woman who had zero self confident and dreaded doing out in public to a woman who enjoys socialising and meeting new people, who is happy, has confidence and self love and someone who was able to use that confidence to bare all and be photographed in bra and undies for the upcoming 2nd edition of the Healthy Mummy Magazine!

“My reason for doing and absolutely LOVING the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, because it’s so simple. All the hard work is done for me! I have everything I need at the touch of a button! I have family friendly recipes, I have workouts I can complete in the comfort of my own home and I have a place to log all of my day to help keep my accountable and on track! Also because it has helped me become the happiest, healthiest and strongest I have ever been, both physically and mentally!”

Tarryn’s top tips:

  • Start small, focus on changing one area of your lifestyle at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself! Remember baby steps still move you forward!
  • Trust the journey – Don’t focus only on weight loss. Focus on becoming healthier in all aspects of your life and trust the process. Measure your success in photos, measurements and how you feel. Don’t only rely on those pesky scales!
  • Share your journey, all of it. Even the tough times! Where it’s in the main group, or privately to a loved one. It will help keep you motivated, accountable and on track! Plus the support will help you push through when times get tough.

Healthy Mummy Smoothies

“I absolutely LOVE the Healthy Mummy Smoothies! My all-time favourite flavour is banana! They have been a real life saver for me! I have one every day for breakfast and almost every day for lunch. Sometimes even dinner on those nights where I cannot be bothered but still want something that’s good for me!”

Tarryn’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipe:

“My favourite meal on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge would have to be Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Ravioli, it’s actually my whole families favourite! So quick easy and delicious. My favourite snacks by far would have to be the Crackers with Cheese and Salami, the Wholegrain Crackers with cheese and tomato and the Weetbix slice! YUM! I could honestly never get tired of them!”


Ashleigh, 26, from Dubbo NSW, is mum to a 4 year old son and a one year old daughter.

Ashleigh shares, “I am a super busy Mum, I juggle full-time study, part-time work, a small side business, and the normal household stuff.

“I started with the Healthy Mummy in mid-2015 and over 6 months I original lost 12kgs and over 100cms- size 22-24 to a 12-14. I ended up maintaining this loss for 2 years and in 2018 fell pregnant. I had an amazing pregnancy journey thanks to the Healthy Mummy and I was able to not gain any weight.

“In those early few months I battled through postnatal depression, the excuses and emotional eating crept in. I am now sitting at only 5kg from my heaviest weight but still a size 14-16. I am healthier and more toned. The scales are definitely just a number.

Ashleigh’s 2020 goal:

‘My goal for 2020 is to ultimately lose 10-15kgs. My body likes to lose weight extremely slowly. As this is disheartening the scales are only a number I would like to see an over improvement in my fitness, toning and clothes size. As a tallish girl (172cm) with a bigger frame, I WOULD be ecstatic if I was a comfortable size 10-12.

“My goal for between now and the end of January is hopefully 5kg ready for a night out for my 10 year anniversary with my partner.

Why Ashleigh LOVES the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge:

“I love that the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is made for busy Mums like me. I love that everything you need is in one space, recipes, exercise videos, mindset, trackers, meal planning. You can choose to do it all or just follow along as you need. You can add on other products like Healthy Mummy Smoothies, Super Greens or Metabolism tablets. Even Control X. Which I cannot wait to try!

“My favourite feature at the moment in the app is the Meal inspiration tab. With so many recipes you will never get bored. Plus the recipes are family friendly, easy to prepare and delicious. No food groups are missing, I still get to enjoy, chocolate, pasta, cakes, and slices.”

Ashleigh’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes:

“Some of my favourite meals are the Stovetop lasagna, Chicken and mango filo parcels, Pesto salmon, Porkchop with mushroom sauce.”


Healthy Mummy Smoothies

“My favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothie flavours are choc fudge and caramel. I love mine with 300mls almond milk, frozen banana and baby spinach for a vegetable hit. I am going to aim for a daily Smoothie for breakfast or lunch during January.”

Ashleigh’s top tips:

  • Small changes add up to big results. You don’t have to change everything at once. Focus on a few small goals. Once you are hitting them add a few new ones.
  • Water is amazing. Keep hydrated. If you forget to drink regularly try adding 250mls to your intake at meal times.
  • Take those photos. Grab a goal outfit pop it on. It may look horrible now but sometime in the near future you will rock it. Sometimes you cannot see the changes in the mirror or on the scales.

Ashleigh adds, “I cannot wait to share more of my journey with you as one of your January Motivating Mums and hit those goals alongside you.”

Courtney has lost 27 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Courtney, 32, mum of Zoe, 6, from Melbourne, Vic.

Courtney shares, “I have lost 27kg with The Healthy Mummy and have maintained this loss for over 6 months.  I have been following the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for 22 months.

“I have seen huge changes in my body over the last nearly 2 years. I have been able to regain full use of my knee, after a full knee reconstruction a few years ago. I had very little use of it while I weighed nearly 90kgs, at 60 kgs I have reduced an enormous amount of pressure from my body and can now play a full game of netball comfortably.

“I am doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to improve my whole life. I have changed the way we eat, the way we exercise and the way we live as a whole. I love being a good healthy role model to my 6-year-old daughter, with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge I can really show my daughter how to treat our bodies well.”

Courtney’s goal for 2020:

“My goals for 2020 are to maintain my weight loss and improve my fitness. I’d also love to tone up my body.”

“My goal changes with each loss I had. I started with The Healthy Mummy weighing 87kgs, my initial goal was 70-75kgs – and I wanted a healthy BMI as I was in the obese category. I got to 75 kgs and loved the way I felt. I loved how The Healthy Mummy worked, and I knew I was going to get to wherever I wanted to with this. I kept working on myself and hit 60kgs after 14 months. I have maintained 60kgs since May this year. I am in a healthy BMI category and love how I’m feeling.”

Courtney’s top tips:

  • Be realistic, you are unlikely to lose 10kgs a month and maintain that. Aim for something acheivable, 500 grams to 1kg per week is a great goal.
  • Cook for your whole family. Choose family friendly meals and make sure everyone is involved. You are much more likely to stick with it if you’re not cooking multiple meals each night.
  • Ask for support, use the Healthy Mummy support group to your full advantage. There are thousands of women going through the same things, make sure to ask questions, ask for help, shout out your victories – absolutely everything!

Healthy Mummy Smoothies:

“I love The Healthy Mummy Smoothies. I have a Smoothie most days, either for breakfast or as a snack – or sometimes even dinner on those super hot or busy nights. I also love my Smoothies in a bowl. They are an absolutely delicious meal when you can dress them up with delicious toppings.”

Courtney’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes:

“My favourite meal changes all the time. In summer it is the Pear, Rocket and Parmesan Salad. I use this salad as a side with heaps of different meals, or have it as a full lunch. It is super delicious. My favourite snack is Snickers Mousse. It is super yummy on a hot summer night.”

Bernie has lost 16.7 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Bernie Fanning, 28, is mum to a four year old girl from Young in NSW.

Bernie shares, “I have lost 4 dress sizes, (from a size 18 down to a 10), I have lost 70 cms off my body and I’ve lost 16.75 kgs. I started on July 1st 2019 but have been following the Healthy Mummy pages for years.

“My 2020 goal is to lose 6.25 kgs to get to 60 kgs and to tone my body.

“I have noticed my physical health has improved I find myself having more energy throughout the day, my mental health has improved I find I’m so much happier. I am doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to create a healthier and happier lifestyle for me and my family.”

Bernie’s top tips:

  • Start small change one thing at a time
  • Increase water intake
  • Meal prep

Bernie’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes:

“My Fave meal is Creamy mushroom and bacon ravioli and Seed and berry yoghurt bowl. My fave snack is Healthy Mummy Choc chip cookies.”


Sally Stepniewski has lost 41 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Sally, 36, full-time working mum to 6 year old twins and little miss 3.

Sally shares, “I found The Healthy Mummy in April 2017 and lost 41kgs in 15 months.

“I have the energy to keep up and run with my kids and found a confidence I never knew existed. We are active as a family.

“I started so I could be there for my kids. I used to sit on the side and watch, everything hurt and I was breathless. I want my kids to have fun, to try new things and be healthy.

“The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has simplified the stress of meal planning, shopping and I love having everything I need at my fingertips. As a coeliac, I love being able to get a customised meal plan that tastes delicious!”

Sally’s 2020 goal:

“I want to be strong, fit, healthy and focus on fitness as I work towards running my first full marathon. Any weight loss along the way is a bonus.

Sally’s top tips:

  • Keep it simple, start small, making drastic changes can be overwhelming. Focus on food choices, driving your water or stepping up your exercise and step it up when you’ve got your head around it.
  • Take photos!!! Don’t be so focused on the scales or on other people’s progress. It is YOUR journey and a picture shows more than any number ever could. I regret not getting good full body shots at the beginning of my journey and not being in the photos.
  • Make time for you. You are doing an incredible job juggling all the crazy of life, you deserve some time!!! Whether it be bath, face mask, good book, or a walk in the fresh air, make it happen. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Sally’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes:

“My favourite meal is the Beef San Choy Bow and Peanut Butter Chicken Curry. My fave snack is Choc Cherry Slice and Chocolate Lava Mug Cake.

“I start every single day with a Healthy Mummy Smoothie, it is the best to prepare and drink on the way to work, school or drink at home. Also the best way to prepare for my morning run.”

Angie Shannon has lost 10 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Angie, 22, is a mum of two children (an almost 3yo son and a 1 year old daughter) from Dubbo NSW.

Angie shares, “I have been following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for my second journey since January 2019! In this time I’ve managed to lose 10kg while breastfeeding and also lose numerous centimetres and 2-3 dress sizes. I’ve gone from 75.8kg to 65.5kg, currently fluctuating between 65.5kg-65.9kg!”

Angie’s 2020 goals:

“I have so many goals for 2020! One being to be able to run, lose another 10kg-15kg, start to tone and really be more consistent overall to create more healthy habits.

“I’ve seen some AMAZING benefits of following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge not only weight loss! I’m so much healthier, my skin is definitely clearer, I wake up feeling energised and ready to go even on minimal sleep, I can breathe easier and run around and play with my kids without becoming puffed out which is a MAJOR plus since I have asthma!”

Angie’s top tips:

  • Make sure to keep your water bottle on you or around you all the time! Water plays a huge part in keeping you healthy and flushing out all the toxins! It’s an amazing key ingredient for weight loss!
  • Keep it super simple! Keep your meal plan really simple to start with so you don’t become overwhelmed. I keep my breakfast, lunch and 3 snacks the same all week, only changing up our dinners.
  • Take it one day at a time. If you focus on now and not the long run it becomes easier to do and less overwhelming again. Focus on making it through 24hrs! Wake up and feel proud and do it again!

Healthy Mummy Smoothies:

“I use the Healthy Mummy Smoothies most days for breakfast and one for a snack, I absolutely love the convenience and that they’re super tasty which makes it feel like a treat! I also absolutely love boiled eggs, you can eat them whole, smash them, add curry powder to them or even take them with you! It’s a good source of protein and keeps you full!

Angie adds, “I am so ready and so excited to be a motivating mum for January and I cannot wait to share my journey with you all!”

Tegan Palmer has lost 30 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge


Tegan is a mum of two from Melbourne Vic. Her kids are her absolute world and the reason she started the Healthy Mummy 2 years ago.

Tegan shares, “I wanted to be fit and healthy and have the energy to keep up to them and be able to fit on things so I could play with them.

“I have been following the Healthy Mummy for 2 years and in that time I have lost and 30kgs and have been maintaining for around 6 months.

“My reason for starting the healthy mummy was mainly for my kids and me wanting to be an actively involved mum, but also to finally learn to love my body and stop the struggles I had with confidence and accepting what my body looked like.”

Tegan’s goals for 2020:

“In 2020 I really want to break this plateau I’m going through and get to 65kgs. Which is around 7kgs to lose. I have PCOS and an underactive thyroid but thanks to the healthy mummy, and my weightloss my PCOS is stable and so are my thyroid levels which means I have finally started dropping my medication levels instead of always being told to increase the dosage amount.”

Tegan’s top tips:

  • Sit down and get used to the meal plan, watch the videos that show you the app features and how they work.
  • Customise the meal plan to foods you already like, have a look through all the recipes and see what you might like to try.
  • If you feel like giving up, stop take a breather and reset. Think of your goals, think of why you wanted to do this in the first place. Reach out the wonderful healthy mummy community for support

Healthy Mummy Smoothies

“Over the past 2 years I’ve been using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, most of the time just for breakfast but sometimes for both lunch as well, I also have the Supergreens and protein powder.”

Tegan’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes:

“My favourite meal from the challenge is definitely the Stovetop lasagna or Mexican lasagna Or Devilled sausages. My fave snack is by far the banana choc chip muffins or Cookie dough bliss balls.”

Budget-friendly devilled sausages with sweet potato mash

Kerrie has lost 6 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Kerrie Phillips, 39, is mum to a 9yr old son, from Gippsland Victoria.

Kerrie shares, “I started the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge on 2nd September 2019 at 65kg and finished this December challenge at 59kg I’ve lost 6kg and 5cms all over. I’ve gone from size 12 to 8. Gotta love that. 3 awesome months of learning a new lifestyle.”

Kerrie’s goal for 2020:

“My 2020 goal is to have lean muscle, toned, stronger and to be 100% healthy throughout my body.

“My mental health is amazing. Energy levels increased dramatically and my get up and go attitude has improved. Sleeping better as well which is always a bonus.

“I’m doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to get healthy, fit and happy again. I am sick of junk food taking over my life. Now The Healthy Mummy is more convenient for me. Easy and budget friendly. I don’t waste food anymore either. It’s a bonus.”

Kerrie’s top tips:

  • Surf the App. Look at recipes I would normally eat similar to first. Get your family involved. My son helps me chose dinners sometimes.
  • Start with a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for Brekky to get back into brekky mode.
  • Take before Photos, measurements, and weight. Visual progress is the best.

“I have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for Brekky and Lunch. Banana Boost every Brekky. It gives me the kick start to the day that I need. Yummo.”

“My fav meal is now Easy Fried Rice. Because it’s so Easy and yummy. Even my son loves it. My fave snack is definitely Crackers with Tomato and Cheese. Cheddar is the bomb.”

Tasha has lost 14 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Tasha, 26, is mum to a thirteen month old daughter and lives in Adelaide.

Tasha shares, “I have lost 14kg since beginning the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in June 2019 and have lost over 60cms as well.

“I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in April of 2017 and have really struggled with bloating, lower abdominal pain and maintaining my diet. When I joined healthy mummy though, I started using their smoothies and following a more balanced diet and really started to understand food better and now I hardly bloat and though I’m not cured I have maintained the problem more with medication and the healthy mummy lifestyle.

“The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge keeps me motivated, keeps me accountable and I love being able to have short term manageable goals I can achieve. It has become part of my every day, easy, versatile and fun.

“Having the app in my back pocket has become the handiest thing, my recipe hub, my work out hub it’s all there and ready to go!”

Tasha’s goal for 2020:

“My goal for 2020 is to continue to lose weight, but most importantly to really focus on myself. Love my body more and care for it more.”

Tasha’s top tips:

  • You are amazing regardless remember that. It’s hard when you see others and want to compare constantly but you and your own person at your own pace. Focus on you and what works for you and the rest will follow
  • Change things slowly. Small things first create the habit & always remember that if you slip up it’s ok and tomorrow a new day.
  • Share, share, share! Take your before and after pictures, you’ll be amazed at the difference I promise you.

Healthy Mummy Smoothies

“I love the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, I have something crazy like 30 tubs in my cupboard currently. I aim for at least one a day but sometimes twice. I always add frozen fruit and Healthy Mummy Protein powder and I’m ready to start my day! Delicious and so easy. Working full time in hospitality these smoothies have changed my life.”

“I have to say one of my favourite meals on the app would be the 2 ingredient pizza base. I can make so many recipes with the base & it’s so delicious!”

two ingredient pizza dough

Mon has lost nearly 10 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Mon, 29, is a mum to two little boys aged 8 and 6 and she also has 3 step daughters 21, 20 and 18. She lives in Perth WA.

Mon shares, “I have been following the Healthy Mummy since September 2018 and have lost 9.8 kilos and over 40cms from my whole body. I have gained so much body confidence and am learning to love my body stretch marks and all.

“I have found by following the Healthy Mummy I am feeling less tired, I am more motivated to get things done and I have fallen back in love with exercise. One major NSV for me was that I have the confidence to wear 2 piece bathers swimming with my boys. Before the Healthy Mummy, I would never have worn 2 piece bathers.”

“I love following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as it keeps me on track, and it is super easy for me to organise the week while I’m working and the recipes and exercises are amazing. One thing I’m going to focus on this month is the Mind Power exercises in the app.”

Mon’s 2020 goals:

  • Reach my goal weight of 75 kilos by my 30th in May
  • Be able to run/jog longer
  • Become fitter
  • Tone

Mons’ top tips:

  • Start small, change up one meal or snack for the week. Then change a main meal.
  • Only choose meals that you and your family will enjoy. This saves you time cooking and money when food shopping.
  • Celebrate any win. If you exercise for the day, if your clothes become loser, if you chose the Healthy option instead of the bad. CELEBRATE THEM ALL!

Mon’s favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothies and recipes:

“I have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast each day and I use the Healthy Mummy recipes for my snacks and main meals.

“My all-time favourite Smoothie flavour is Choc Fudge and all I add is half a frozen banana and 1 tsp of peanut butter. I am also known to love a green smoothie. The Green Booster Smoothie from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App is my fav.”

My favourite Healthy Mummy recipes have to be:

Melanie Toman has lost 30 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Mel, 47, lives in a little town in Tassie called Penguin, she is mum to two girls aged 26 and 25 who have both left home now.

Melanie shares, “I am so pumped to be one of your #JanMotivatingmum. I joined Healthy Mummy as it kept popping up on my Facebook feed and it looked great, I had nothing to lose!”

“Healthy Mummy has helped me more than I could ever imagine. I have lost nearly 30 kgs and over 120 cms. I have also found so many things in this time as well. I’ve found myself again, a new passion for exercise and I am cooking the best food and meals I could ever dream of.”

Melanie’s goal for 2020:

My goal for 2020 is to first welcome in the New Year with a bang and smash my January goals. I am aiming to lose 20 kgs next year and I would love to start park run and get it in under 30 mins.

“I credit the Healthy Mummy app for my success along with the amazing community of supportive ladies. The app is just like having a personal chef, PT trainer and gym in your own home, and it’s so easy to use.”

Melanie’s favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothie and recipes:

I have a passion for Smoothies and Smoothie bowls and absolutely love having these for my breakfast now. My favourite smoothie is definitely the sneaky snickers smoothie.

“If I had to pick my favourite dish from the app it would be Slow cooked Asian chicken.”

Healthy slow cooked Asian chicken

Melanie’s top tips:

  • Be gentle on yourself, life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes so don’t think you’ve “fallen off the wagon ” just continue doing what you plan to do.
  • Put the scales away, take pics and measurements and have a goal item if clothing instead, the scales can play with your mind.
  • Don’t try and compete with anyone else but yourself, we’re all at different stages of our journey

Melanie adds, “I can’t wait to bring in the New Year with you all and see some serious goal smashing!” 

Bree has lost 24 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Bree, 29, is mum to a 1 year old boy from Bendigo, Victoria.

Bree shares, “I have been a Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member since July 2018 but my weight loss jounrey didn’t start until March 2019 (as I was still pregnant when I first signed up) and since then I have lost 24 kilos.

“Since following the Healthy Mummy lifestyle, I may have lost a lot of kilos and cm’s but what I have gained is so much more impressive!

“Not only do I have new found confidence, a love for life, new incredible friendships … But I am now fully in control of my anxiety and depression without medication after 13 years – Yes. The Healthy Mummy helped me achieve this!

“I am following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to continue to improve my health and my life. I still have roughly 34 kilos to lose until I am at my goal weight and I am going to reach it in 2020 thanks to the Healthy Mummy.”

Bree’s goals for 2020:

  • Lose at least 20 kilos by my wedding in March
  • Be at my goal weight by mid-year
  • Inspire and motivate as many women as I can

Bree’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipe:

“My new found favorite meal is the Sweet Potato, Pea and Blue Cheese Risotto and I absolutely love the Pink Porridge Smoothie!”

Bree’s top tips:

  • DO NOT compare yourself or your journey to anyone else. We are all different, our bodies are different and we are all going to achieve things at different times – just keep persistent and stay consistent and amazing things will start happening!
  • Share your journey within the Healthy Mummy support group, this community is absolutely incredible. The things you will achieve and the motivation you will find within this group is absolutely mind blowing.
  • Be kind to yourself. Okay, maybe one week the scales don’t show what you were hoping, but don’t beat yourself up about it! You are doing amazing things and sooner rather than later you will see all that hard work pay off.

Nicole has lost 10 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Nicole Harris, 38, is mum to a 12yr old daughter and they live in Wallabadah, NSW.

Nicole shares, “I’ve lost 10kgs so far, my goal is to lose 20kg in 2020. Become healthier and happier. My goal weight is to be 65kg.

“Since joining Healthy Mummy I have more energy to move my body every day.”

Nicole’s top tips:

  • Think about your kids they need us.
  • The food and the Healthy Mummy Smoothies are so delicious it keeps you on track
  • Have a goal outfit on show at all times to keep you motivated.

Kim White

Kim White, 36, from Nambour, Sunshine coast Qld is a stay at home mum to 4 beautiful children.

Kim shares, “My children are 13-year-old son – with type 1 diabetes. Which means I am excellent in carb counting, weighing food and working out everything food-related with a few guesses here and there.

10-year-old daughter with adhd/ odb / anxiety and ptsd. Lots of appointments and running around. Snacks on the go.

8 year old daughter and 6 year old son. I don’t have a favourite but the baby is the easiest.

“I decided 2019 was MY year and I was finally going to focus on my health and mental wellbeing.

“I started Jan 1st at 132.9 kgs and am now 101.7 ( I did get down to 99.8 but somehow those sneaky kilos found me again).

“I have lost over 150 cms over my body and 32 cms in my waist alone.

Kim’s goals for 2020:

My goal for 2019 was to lose the bulk of my weight in a healthy no quick fix way.

“My 2020 goal is the last 10-15 kgs, tone and increase my fitness and run a half marathon in August at the sunshine coast marathon with a few more races in between.

“I used to live off junk food and use bad food to help with the stress of raising 4 kids and work. I now know fueling my body with healthy food makes me feel so much better, my mind is clearer and I don’t feel as stressed from sugar overload.”

Kim’s top tips:

  • Take it one day, one foot at a time. When you’re starting your journey, the distance or amount of weight can seem unachievable if you look at the end goal/ number. But take small steps/ make smaller goals
  • The number on the scale doesn’t always reflect your efforts. Take pictures and measurements. More than 1 way to measure your progress.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you’re are having a bad day, or have a ‘cheat meal ‘. 1 day or meal won’t undo all your hard work. Tomorrow is a new day.


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