Laura Csortan Reveals Her Secret For Having A Hassle-Free Flight With Her Baby

Aussie TV personality Laura Csortan has revealed her secret to flying with her three-month-old Layla Rose.

Up, up and awaaaay…. my little frequent flyer. #jetsettinbabe ??? #straightouttatheshowermumhair ?

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Little Frequent Flyer

The 40-year-old model shared a snap of herself on a flight to the Gold Coast with her little one last week.

“So far it’s been a great experience. She’s slept and fed most of the trip,” she says.

“Feeding on take off and landing usually helps too.”

It looks like the pair had a great time on their vacay, as Laura posted a number of snaps on social media – and she even managed to squeeze in some mummy time on their trip.

“My Mum looked after Layla for me while I popped into Spa Q @qtgoldcoast for an hour long personalised massage perfect for a new mum,” she wrote.

It’s the longest I’ve been away from my baby since she was born, Yep! I soaked up every baby free second and now feel a million bucks (I missed bub though, hopeless).”

We would like an hour long spa too!

Going It Alone

The Miss Universe Australia winner made headlines last year when she revealed she was pregnant and would be tackling motherhood alone.

“It was a very tough decision but one I took on whole heartedly,” she shared in a blog post for Poppy Renegade.

“It’s not been without fear and struggles, I’m not pretending it’s going to be a walk in the park, but it’s the card I’ve been dealt so I shall do my best to bring a child into the world who is ultimately loved like crazy.”

But while Laura, who hasn’t revealed who Layla’s father is, says she was ‘nervous’ about how she’s been ‘perceived’, she insists she’s got ‘no regrets’.

“Everything I’ve done and the decisions I have made, be them good or bad, have brought me to this point in my life, a life in which I’m about to give birth to a daughter… everything else pales in comparison,” she says.

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