Mark Zuckerberg Shares Daughter’s First Steps With Awesome 360 View

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has captured and shared his daughter’s first steps on his Facebook page. In true Zuckerberg fashion, he’s shared a 360 degree view video of the special moment and shared it with his followers.

HOW Many Views?

The Facebook video was only uploaded two days ago but has already accumulated over 13 MILLION views. Obviously using the greatest social media platform ever created, by himself none the less, Zuckerberg shares one of his daughter’s greatest milestones.

He writes on his post: “When I was a baby and took my first steps, my mom wrote the date in a baby book. When my sister’s children took their first steps, she recorded it with photos and videos. When Max started walking, I wanted to capture the whole scene with a 360 video so our friends and family can feel like they’re right there with us. Here it is!”

The look on his face says it all. Probably being one of the proudest moments of his life, his face absolutely lights up when she takes those precious steps into his open arms. With over 25k shares, 785k likes and 29k comments, this is one video that is definitely going viral.

Although, most of the comments seem to be laughing at the fact the dog, Beast, booted a stuffed toy that looks freakishly real.

Giving Us All The Feels

In a technological world where we can brought down with one comment, this gives us all the feels. We LOVE when uplifting moments are shared, rather than the destruction Facebook can sometimes incur. Let’s keep this up.

Technology is a wonderful thing and we thank Mark for creating Facebook, but let’s continue to use it for good and not to put each other down.


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