Married At First Sight’s Zoe Hendrix Tells Pregnant Mums To Follow Their Instinct

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MAFS star, Zoe Hendrix, has rushed to hospital to check on her baby and has urged other expectant mums to give up their pride and follow their gut instinct.

❤️ BUBS SWEET HEART BEAT. By far my favourite sound in the world. This pic is from a few days ago when we had a scare and went in for monitoring. I had dramatically lessened movement from baby and after trying the hot shower/cold drink which always worked but didn’t, we decided to go in for monitoring. We were terrified. Everything is fine ?? But I wanted to share and say to all other mums and dads out their, don’t hesitate to call your hospital and get monitoring. Listen to your body and follow your instinct. I don’t like a fuss, but Iv learnt that lesson. Baby comes first. Maybe our journey as mothers starts way before the birth ? #marriedatfirstsight #rainbowbaby #whatajourney #pregnacyreflections @alex_garner_

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Follow Your instinct

Zoe and Alex had a fright a few days ago and shared their experience with fans and friends on Instagram. With severely lessened movement from her baby, Zoe tried a hot shower and a cold drink. To no avail, she started to grow increasingly worried. She followed her instinct and went in for monitoring. ‘Bubs sweet heart beat. By far my favourite sound in the world.’ She says in her post urging mothers to follow their gut if they feel something is wrong.

Everything Was Fine

For this happy couple, everything was fine. Zoe hates causing a fuss but she points out that bub must always comes first. Good practice for when she does become a mother in a few weeks.

The reality star couple are due for their first baby this month and are one of the only surviving married couples from the TV series, Married At First Sight.

We wish them all the best in the journey they’re about to begin.

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