Megan Gale Has Announced She’s Pregnant With Her Second Child In The Cutest Possible Way

Megan Gale has announced that she’s expecting her second baby with her AFL partner Shaun Hampson.

‘There’s A Bun In The Oven’

Taking to Instagram, the 41-year-old model posted a pic of a bun in the oven captioning it: “Well would you look at that. There’s a bun in my oven. Not quite ready to take it out yet. Should be fully baked come Spring time.”

Megan and Shaun are already parents to their two-year-old son River.

Congratulations, guys! What fantastic news!

L O V E D U P in @lavazzaaus marquee for #derbyday2016 ???

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Earlier This Year

Earlier this year, the beautiful brunette opened up about the moment she discovered she had miscarried, right before heading to Milan for work.

“It took us six months with River…so we thought, let’s try around April and see what happens,” Megan told InStyle in an exclusive interview.

Had a great time ringing in the New Year with this guy ✨?✨Wishing everyone a happy & healthy 2017!! ?

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‘I wondered if I was being paranoid’

Megan explains that she had a six-week scan to make sure everything was okay, and then continued preparing for her overseas trip – which included another visit to her obstetrician before flying to Milan. But she says something didn’t feel right.

“I can’t put my finger on it – there was no physical change or a sign or symptom…(I wondered) if I was being overprotective and paranoid, or if something was wrong,” she says.

An internal ultrasounds followed, before the devastating news.

“[The obstetrician] was quiet, and then he just said, ‘I’m so sorry, it’s gone’.”

Dealing With Miscarriage

According to InStyle, Megan had a procedure in a Melbourne hospital, before heading to Sydney then Milan, as she dealt with her emotions and trying to keep the news out of the public domain.

She explains that while we need to be open about our experiences as women, we must be sensitive to the different journey we’re all on.

Megan says: “Anything surrounding your conception as a woman, as a couple, is extremely intimate, and it needs to be handled delicately…I feel absolutely passionate about it—especially now with what we’ve gone through—because I’d always get asked ‘When are you going to have a baby?’

“And when I’d had River, ‘When are you going to have another baby?’ I lose count how many times a week—whether it’s in an interview, whether it’s friends, family, someone at the supermarketI don’t know… it happens (to women) everywhere. It’s such a personal question, and what makes it that much harder to answer is when you’ve been through some kind of hurdle with conception.”

We couldn’t agree more with Megan on this one!

Well, we are very, very pleased to hear that Megan is expecting again and everything is going well for the young family. We wish her all the very best!

Please note: If you need support after miscarriage, there’s a host of support available – there’s more information here.