Mum Celebrates Her Pregnancy With Unique Maternity Shoot

When we think of a maternity shoot, we think of meadows and billowing dresses, sunsets and flowers. But this photographer had a different idea to celebrate this mamas pregnancy and we think it’s exquisite!

Mexican Maternity Shoot

Celebrating Her Heritage

In a beautiful Mexican style gown, this mama celebrates her heritage and totally rocks her maternity shoot.

The photographer behind the beautiful idea, and the lens, is Skaiste (Skai) Vingilys. Her Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with AMAZING maternity and family shoots, with this one being our favourite.


On her Facebook page, the Chicago based photographer says ‘the inspiration came from the authenticity and culture of Mexican folklore.‘ Skai says β€œMy dream was to do creative photo shoots with expecting mothers of different nationalities, wearing clothes traditional to their cultures.” And what a beautiful way to celebrate our individual cultures, through a maternity shoot.

Model and mum-to-be, Jeannette Rivera, absolutely stuns in this Mexican floral attire, paying tribute to her culture.

Skai says that she hopes to continue to show culture through her photography. We can’t wait to see more!!


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