This Mum Gave Birth To TWO SETS Of TWINS After Being Told She Could Never Get Pregnant!

This mum was told by doctors she would never have kids, but she has since given birth to TWO SETS of twins!

Katherine McCulloch believed she was infertile after a rare form of pelvic inflammatory disease caused a build-up of scar tissue.

Miracle Children

When she unexpectedly fell pregnant and found out she was expecting twins – Brayden and Logan, who have just turned two – she and her partner Aaron Tricker were naturally over the moon.

So imagine their surprise when they found out she was expecting twins AGAIN. Rhea and Lyra were born in December, and Katherine and Aaron – who live in Suffolk in the U.K. – call it “an absolute miracle.”

“We can’t describe how lucky we feel after thinking we would never have any children,” she tells the Daily Express

“To have one set of twins is incredible enough but to be blessed with two more children, and all within such a short period of time, is nothing short of amazing.” 

Aaron says: “It’s all been a bit of a shock to be honest. But once we got our heads around it, it has been great. 

“I love having them all so close together.”

Katherine says she’s got no plans for anymore babies, twins or otherwise, in the future!

“Our families joke that we should try and get pregnant again to see if we could make it a third set of twins,” she says.

“But it’s a complete no-no as it would probably happen!”

You never know! What a remarkable story!

Thanks Katherine for giving The Healthy Mummy permission to share it with our community.

Approximately 5,000 births in Australia is a case of a multiple birth. Over 90% of these pregnancies are twins.

Research has shown older mothers have an increased risk of multiple births as they have a fertility spurt later in life. For more on twins and multiple births, click here.

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