Mum Makes Water Birth Look Effortless In Viral Video

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Birthing a baby can be a long and strenuous activity. There’s a lot of noise, commotion and your calm birth plan often goes out the window along with your dignity.

This mum however, makes her water birth of her second child look as easy as well……giving birth.  So effortless in fact that at the video of her birth has gone viral. Check it out for yourself.

They way she calmly holds her baby while pushing is actually quite mesmerising.

The video of Audra Lynn was shared to Facebook by her midwife Lisa Marie Oxenham. It has since gone viral and people all over the world are commenting on how calm her water birth was.

14 Million Views

Since entering the world wide web, the video has received an incredible amount of attention and has racked up over 14 million views. Lisa Marie writes in the caption to the video “My client Audra’s beautiful second home birth.” And beautiful it was.

Water Birth Aids In Pain Relief

We have to admit, Audra births her second child like a boss. In a matter of seconds, and with minimal pain (well that she is letting on anyway) the baby is out. Being submersed in water can often offer relief from the pain of labour and contractions. Some women even believe that it can help speed up the birthing process.

Congratulations to this AMAZING mumma. Let’s hope your baby is as calm as the birth.

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