These mums share their INSPIRING Healthy Mummy pledges for 2019

This year The Healthy Mummy Community is coming together to make 2019 their healthiest year yet with their 2019 Healthy Mummy Pledges! Read what our mums hope to achieve in 2019.

The New Year is often a time to pause and reflect, it is a perfect time to look back at the year that’s been and contemplate the year ahead.

As our mums start to set their goals for 2019 we asked them to share their 2019 Healthy Mummy Pledge to help motivate and inspire them (and you) on their journey in 2019.

2019 Pledges to motivate themselves and inspire you

healthy mummy pledges

Tara Elso

tara elso

Tara pledges to,

  • “Be the healthiest and happiest for 2019
  • I will motivate you all.”

Phoebe Phillips

phoebe phillips pledge

Phoebe pledges to,

  • “Stick to my diet plan,
  • Drink more water,
  • Exercise consistently,
  • Love myself, no matter what.”

IMG_8858-31-12-19-02-02 (1) (1)

Tatiana Flores

tatiana flores

Tatiana pledges to,

  • “Grow a booty,
  • Get some abs,
  • Choose to move,
  • Keep hydrated,
  • Ask for help when I need to,
  • Support others who are also on this journey.”

Helen Chaplin

helen chaplin

Helen pledges to,

  • “Eat healthily,
  • Exercise three or more times per week,
  • lose 20 kgs by November.”

Mofiza Nisha

mofiza nisha (1)

Mofiza pledges to,

  • “Make 2019 an even better year for me,
  • I will be happy and stay determined to reach my goals,
  • I will face all obstacles head and come out the other side stronger than ever.”

Samara Syed


Samara pledges to,

  • “Take care of  myself,
  • To remember I am important,
  • To be more present with my girls,
  • To be the fitter and healthiest version of myself.”

Bring on 2019!”

Alicia Sims

IMG_8871-31-12-19-04-42 (1)

Alicia pledges to,

  • “Build a daily routine of a smoothie, super greens, and exercise,
  • Lose 15 kg to return to my pre-pregnancy weight,
  • Do a chin up on my birthday!”

Hannah Grace Fazldeen

IMG_8870-31-12-19-04-42 (1)

Hannah pledges to,

  • “Nourish my body,
  • Support myself mentally and physically,
  • Continue working on self-love.”

Niky Green

IMG_8868-31-12-19-04-42 (1)

Niky pledges to,

  • “Stay focused, committed, motivated and on track,
  • No more excuses – time for me to be first,
  • Aiming for fit and healthy.”

IMG_8869-31-12-19-04-42 (1)

Cicily Goodwin


Cicily pledges to,

  • “Respect and nourish my body,
  • Love it unconditionally.”

Steph Marriott

steph marriott 2019 pledge only

Steph pledges:

  • To speak more kindly to myself
  • I will unfollow social media accounts that make me feel like I’m not enough.”

Steph got together with fellow Healthy Mummy Bec Jackson to show of their pledges together.


steph marriott and bec jackson 2019 pledge
Steph and Bec share their 2019 Healthy Mummy Pledges

Bec Jackson

Bec jackson 2019 pledge

Bec pledges to:

  • Lose my last 3kgs
  • Maintain my healthy habits from 2018
  • Make new friends along the way in 2019.”

Amy Atkinson

amy a 2019 pledge

Amy pledges to:

  • “Make 2019 my best year yet!
  • I will smash my goals 
  • Reach my 60kg Healthy Mummy weight loss
  • I will reach double digits!”

Kerry Skye Douglas

Kerry Skye Douglas 2019 pledge

Kerry pledges:

  • “To lose the last 12kg
  • Inspire and help guide mums on their journey.”

kerry 2019 pledge

Sarah Maynard

Sarah Maynard 2019 pledge

Sarah pledges:

  • To be the healthiest version of me this year
  • To get to my goal of 75kg
  • To help everyone reach their goals.

Tamara Tuttlebee

tamara t 2019 pledge

Tamara pledges:

  • “To eat healthily
  • Exercise
  • Make myself happy
  • Lose 30kg by December
  • Drink water”

Sascha Farley

Sascha Farley 2019 pledge

Sascha pledges:

  • “To continue my Healthy Mummy pregnancy beyond birth
  • To get my body back.”

Nicole Marnell

nicole marnell 2019 pledge

Nicole pledges:

  • “To stay motivated
  • Stay positive
  • Be true to myself
  • Push out of my comfort zone
  • Follow my meal plan
  • To live the healthy life I deserve!”

Natasha Behm

natasha behm 2019 pledge

Natasha pledges:

  • “To be consistent with my workouts
  • Stick to my meal plan and drink enough water
  • Work toward goal weight.”

“Bring on 2019!”

Liz Martinovic

liz martinovic pledge 2091

Liz pledges to:

“Make 2019 my healthiest and strongest year ever!”

liz martinovic 2019 pledge

Jamie Sullivan

jamie sullivan 2019 pledge

Jamie pledges to:

  • “Kick my 2019 goals in the butt
  • Get this mummy back into shape!”

Emma Miriam

emma miriam 2019 pledge

Emma pledges to:

  • “Give my health and fitness my absolute all in 2019
  • Not let my weekends be my week ends”

Elise Coppins

elise coppins pldege 2019

Elise pledges to:

  • “Be consistent
  • Be on my A game
  • Love myself for who I am
  • Be proud of who I am!”

elise coppins 2019 pledge

Eleanor Hannah

elenanor hannah 2019 pledge

Eleanor pledges to:

  • “Give my all to achieve my goals in 2019
  • Reach my weight loss goals
  • Take time for me
  • Do some form of exercise every day!”

Dani Stormont

Dani Stormont 2019 pledge

Dani pledges to:

“Make 2019 my year”

  • “I will stay true to my goals
  • Focus on the positive
  • Help empower as many women as I can!”

Beth Azzopardi

beth a 2019 pledge

Beth pledges to:

  • “Lose 5kg this year and maintain my goal weight
  • Complete my 100th parkrun
  • Run 24mins consistently
  • Get a half marathon personal best!”

Anna Kaufman

anna kaufman 2019 pledge

Anna pledges to:

  • “Make 2019 my happeist and healthiest year!
  • Run a 5km parkrun!”

We can’t wait to see you all achieve these goals and more in 2019! Let’s make it the happiest and healthiest yet for all our mums.

Join these mums and take The Healthy Mummy Pledge and make 2019 your healthiest year yet!

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In order to stay accountable and on track, it’s time to write your Healthy Mummy 2019 Pledge!!!

Download The Healthy Mummy 2019 Pledge HERE.

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