Mums sleep better in the same bed as their partner, study finds

Forget a sleep divorce!

A new study has found that adults sleep better when they are in bed with their partners, not their kids.

In fact, sleeping with your spouse could actually reduce your stress and anxiety…

The majority of babies are born in September thanks to Christmas love making!

Study finds mums sleep better in the same bed as their partner not their kids

Researchers at the University of Arizona studied 1,000 participants and the relationship between bed-sharing, sleep and mental health.

They found those who sleep with their partner, rather than alone, had a better night’s sleep.

Sleeping with your loved one is also linked with lower signs of anxiety, depression and stress.

A growing trend has seen couples sleep in different beds in order to get shut eye – a ‘sleep divorce’.

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Interestingly, experts also looked into the affects of sharing a bed with your kids to see if it would produce the same results. It didn’t!

Parents who shared their bed with their kids had higher stress levels and more reported incidents of insomnia. They also had less sleep at night.

‘Sleep divorce’ may help strengthen your relationship

However, it’s often hard enough to fall asleep on your own at night, let alone when you’re having to listen to your partner’s snoring – but is it a case of the couple who sleeps together, stays together?

According to the study author, Colleen Carney, the phenomenon is also referred to as ‘sleep divorce.’

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Marital bliss

can't sleep, won't sleep

Colleen says there are usually 12 reasons why couples decided to not co-sleep:

  1. Their partner snores
  2.  Because of a new baby
  3. Tossing around too much in bed by either party
  4. Restlessness during pregnancy
  5. Past, unforgiven offences
  6. Unresolved arguments
  7. They’re filing for divorce but still living together
  8. They don’t have a sex life
  9. One party stays up late to watch TV
  10. They prefer to snuggle up with family pet, such as the dog
  11. One person wants to leave the light on
  12. Having to get up early in the morning

Another study found snoring could be taking years off your life!

Mother Feeding Newborn Baby In Bed At Home

Meanwhile, another study by scientists at Harvard found that snoring does not only cause irritability in partners and even has an effect on your relationship, but it can also take years off your life!

They also found that if you’re not getting enough shut-eye each night it can weaken your immune system, slow down your productivity at work and even cause you to put on weight!

Poor quality sleep may be linked to an increased risk of obesity.

If you are a long-time sufferer sleeping next to a snorer, we recommend you go out and get ear plugs STAT!

Men can sleep like logs despite how many kids in house, says study

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