No One Hated The Label ‘Octomom’ More Than Octomom Herself

It’s been eight years since Nadya Suleman gained world-wide publicity with the name Octomom. Today the mum of 14 is known as Natalie and she’s on a new mission to kill off her old name.

‘I Never Set Out To Be Octomom’

In the past eight years Natalie says she has turned her life around. She has endured a lot of criticism on some of the things she did to keep her children fed, and admits she has completed shameful tasks.

She proudly speaks about leaving the past and bad habits behind her. In The Doctors exclusive she talks openly about leaving that name behind her; she doesn’t even like saying it out loud.

‘I Was Young, Dumb And Selfish’

In 2008 12 embryos were implanted into Natalie’s uterus via IVF. She now admits that her choice was dumb and selfish. But in the same breath she is grateful for the happiness her eight children bring her every day.

Feeling she had no other choice, she turned to exotic dancing and porn to make ends meet. She now understands why the response from the media was so negative, saying: “There’s nobody possibly who could have hated Octomom more than I”.

Natalie describes her past life as: “trash, toxic, tabloid, train wreck… that’s all I perceive Octomom to be”.

Turning her life around, she now works as a drug and alcohol counsellor and her children are excelling academically.

Natalie says she was desperate to let go of her old identity, and she did. She explains “I just let it go, I abandoned Octomom and I never looked back… I have put it to rest”.

Octomom’s 8 Kids Turn 8

Natalie looks like an amazing Mum, doing her very best at raising her children. So, adios Octomom and hello Natalie.


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