Do you wish you’d waited? This % of parents wished they’d been more financially-ready before baby

There’s never a perfect time for anything and that includes having kids! Waiting until you’re ready however, can be a more seamless ride as this new survey shows. has found in their latest survey that 1 in 2 parents are NOT financially baby-ready and wished they’d been more prepared before baby!

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Are you financially secure to have a baby?

The survey of 2013 parents also showed that 49% wanted to have more savings before starting a family.

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Some more stats from the survey showed, one in eight parents (12%) wished they had bought a home before welcoming a child while almost one in ten (9%) would have liked to have had better job security.

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What’s more is that the survey found that older parents were just as financially insecure as younger parents in their twenties!

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Although the costs look considerable (and scary), keep in mind that there are ways to save money on baby essentials and on your weekly food bill.

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