Rebecca Judd Shows Off Her BEAUTIFUL 33 Week Twin Tum

We’ve been following Rebecca Judd’s twin baby bump for what seems like forever. 33 weeks in and this TV presenter is looking fabulous!

On her Instagram post from Sunday, she writes “Suns out, tums out. My boys are measuring 5 pounds each at 33 weeks. That’s 10 pounds of baby in there and I’m not done yet. Sh$t is getting cray. #mightneedawheelchairsoon #canbreedem #waddlewaddle”

The Countdown Is On

Wearing a bikini, wife of AFL legend Chris Judd, shares her ‘joy’ at each baby already weighing 5 pounds AND she still has weeks to go!

Leave Bec’s Weight Alone

Bec has copped some harsh criticism on her weight throughout her time, especially while carrying the twins. We have to remember that every mama carries differently and she shouldn’t be shamed for being naturally slim. I’m sure running around after Oscar, 5, and Billie, 2, keeps her fit and healthy. Smashing out a few sessions in the gym also helps.

With only a few weeks to go, we’re on baby watch and can’t wait to see the twins. Watch this space!

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