Ryan Phillippe Shares Wisdom On How To Navigate Holidays With An Ex

Once upon a time, Hollywood’s hottest couple, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, ruled the big screen. But alas, it was not meant to be and we’re still mourning their divorce. BUT, having two children together, how do they navigate Christmas time or any big holiday season?

Ryan shares his wisdom and knowledge.

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How Do They Do It?

Holiday season can be hard on children with divorced or separated parents. Ryan and Reese try to make it as easy as possible by putting their children first. The celebrity ex’s trade off years celebrating with the children instead of having two big family feasts, with Ryan saying “It gets better and better.”

“It’s A Weird Thing To Do”

The pair, who were married between 1999 and 2007, have two children together; 17 year old Ava and 13 year old Deacan. Ryan says “It’s a weird thing to do. You want the kids experience to be it’s own. We have been very good about that. Very good, very healthy about how we do things.”

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Ryan and Reese (Ryse would be the perfect celebrity mash-up name), met and fell in love while filming the movie Cruel Intentions. Their daughter, Ava, is the spitting image of her mother and could most certainly play Elle Woods if they ever decide to remake Legally Blonde.

It seems like they have an amicable relationship as Phillippe says he would 100% do a Cruel Intentions sequel with his ex-wife, Reese.

Even though it’s Cruel they’re not longer together, their Intentions for their children are incredible.


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