Ryan Reynolds’ Parenting Tweets Have Us LOLing BIG TIME!

Ryan Reynolds has us rolling over in stitches in some of his movies.

But it seems the actor is just as much a comedian at home when it comes to parenting his two young daughters with his wife Blake Lively.

The funny man has posted a selection of HILARIOUS parenting fails and totally tongue-in-cheek comments about being a dad on Twitter over the last few months.

Check out some of our favourite tweets below…

Too funny! Here are more tongue-in-cheek comments from the famous dad…

Ryan and Blake are parents to two-year-old daughter, James, and recently welcomed their second child, Ines, in September last year.

Keep the funny tweets coming, Ryan. We love a good giggle here at Healthy Mummy HQ.

Meanwhile, Blake Lively has an important message for new mums, which is ALOT different from her hubby’s, errrrh, interesting parenting tips and comments!

‘Learn To Forgive Yourself’

“You have to learn to forgive yourself – to say, ‘I’m working, I’m a dedicated mother. I’m a good friend. I’m a great wife,” she tells US Vogue.

“Try not to beat yourself up about it.”

What’s more, the Shallows actress says she doesn’t care that her body is not what it used to be either. (Although we think Blake still looks amazing!)

“It’s a challenge. It’s something that I have to remind myself of every single time I put on an outfit that doesn’t fit like it used to – or doesn’t fit at all!” she reveals.

“The past few months, I’ve learned to love my body in every iteration.”

And the mum-of-two says it’s important for her daughters to love themselves as well.

When it comes to them raiding her make-up stash when they’re older, Blake says: “I want them to feel like they can experiment with how they look.

“It sounds so hokey but beauty does come from the inside. It comes from confidence. It comes from people that you love and you loving yourself.”

Meanwhile, here are five pieces of new mum advice you need to knowHere’s a survival guide for new dads. 

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