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Salma Hayek’s Approach To Balancing Marriage And Motherhood Is Brilliant

Part of the reason why we love Salma Hayek is because she doesn’t sugar coat the truth. She has acted genuinely on and off the red carpet and her no BS-approach is refreshing to say the least.

After reading Salma’s latest interview, I think we all will agree that, when it comes to balancing marriage, parenthood and an ever-evolving career, Salma always manages to stay one step ahead.

Salma Hayek tends to shy away from the spotlight and with good reason. Although she’s starred in a number of incredible movies and taken on several amazing roles, Salma’s most important two roles are being a wife to her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, and a mother to her ten-year-old daughter, Valentina.

The stunning actress got candid about her ten-year-marriage with Francois-Henri during a recent interview with Harper’s BAZAAR.  Her simple yet sound advice on how to balance marriage and motherhood is something we might all consider taking on board. 

Finding the Happy Medium In Marriage and Motherhood

So what is the secret to family happiness?

We don’t have a social life,” Salma admits.

Once you have kids, your social life tends to take a massive nose dive. In order to keep her marriage strong, the social engagements are the first things Salma puts on the back burner.

Fashion and Family

Although Salma and her husband are regulars on the fashion scene (Salma was recently featured as one of Harper BAZAAR’S 150 Most Fashionable Women and François-Henri is the CEO of Kering, a French luxury goods company that owns Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, among others), this is only one aspect of her life.

In addition to juggling a marriage and a career, Salma is also juggling motherhood, which, she admits,  definitely has its moments. Salma tries to steer clear of any role that takes her too far away from her family for extended periods of time.

“[Husbands] need tending loving care too”  

However, like many of us do, when things get too hard to manage and she is finding it difficult to tackle both motherhood and marriage, Salma simply takes a step back.

“You just have to remind yourself that you have that other big kid [her husband] too to look after,” she joked.

“He looks like he’s self-sufficient, but they need the tender loving care too. You have to keep reminding yourself.

Sound advice Mrs Pinoult! It certainly looks like she’s mastered the secret to balancing marriage, motherhood and movie stardom with elegance and ease!

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Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna traded in the cold mountain air for the laid back lifestyle of Australia nine years ago. She is now a mum to one son, one daughter, one dog and one cat, all of whom live with her and her partner in Cairns, QLD. When not writing about the ups and downs of parenting, she is usually outside doing some form of physical activity or indulging in a glass of antioxidant-infused fruit drink. Okay, it's wine.