Scientists are eating and pooing LEGO heads in the name of research – find out why

In the name of research to reassure parents about the transit time of LEGO pieces through the human body scientists have been swallowing LEGO heads to time how long they take to ahem come out the other end.
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People seem to do the craziest things in the name of science, and these researchers are no different!

Six paediatric healthcare professionals from Australia and the U.K. swallowed LEGO figure heads to see how long they would take to come out their, ahem, other side.

The point of this experiment? To reassure concerned parents.


Researchers ate LEGO heads in order to see how long it took to pass them

The study, which was published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health used LEGO heads and recorded their stool hardness as well as the time it took to pass through the body.

The results revealed, on average, it took one to three days, with an average time of 1.7 days. However, for one unlucky scientist the LEGO head was passed through after two weeks!

lego heads

“It is possible that childhood bowel transit time is fundamentally different from adult, but there is little evidence to support this,” the study found.

“If anything, it is likely that objects would pass faster in a more immature gut.”

Researchers concluded that results should be “of use to anxious parents who may worry that transit times may be prolonged and potentially painful for their children.”

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