Should we be saying natural birth is “the easy option”?

Mums are passionate about childbirth and some have strong opinions about whether natural birth is an easy option compared to a c-section. We recently asked some mothers what they thought about the subject, you might be surprised by some of their answers.

Do You Think Natural Birth Is The Easy Option?

At The Healthy Mummy we support ALL mothers and their babies and believes there is no right or wrong, or harder or easier way to birth a child.

We recognised that while many of us have birth plans, it’s not always guaranteed labour will unfold as we would like it to.

Our only opinion is that it doesn’t matter which way your baby is born as long as they are healthy.

Here are the question we put to mums and below are their responses.

Do you think natural birth is the easy option?

1. Ha ha, easy? It’s one option. I did all three of mine completely natural but I don’t understand what you mean by easy. Child birth is child birth, it’s never easy.

2. Define ‘natural. It’s all unnatural!

3. I’ve had both! And there are definitely good and bad things about both! First child was out the sunroof and second one was ‘natural’ (Bahahahahahahahahahaha). Anyone who thinks either way is ‘easy’ or ‘easier’ is insane.

4. Nothing about childbirth is natural. I don’t remember any of it being easy.

5. I don’t think either way is easy. However after experiencing multiple c-sections I think the recovery from a natural birth would be much easier, in most cases.

6. I’ve had both and found that a bonus to my c-section stitches was that I wasn’t sitting on them!

7. I had two all natural births (no drugs) and two c-sections. Comparing the two, natural was a breeze.

8. I had natural and (relatively) easy births. My recovery time was definitely less than friends who had c-sections, particularly emergency c- sections.

“You don’t get a medal either way”

9. Some people have easier births than others and that’s just a part of life and physiology.

10. I’ve had both. The recovery for me was quicker with the downstairs option. I laboured for all three and would say that none of it is easy.

11. I think everyone is different because our bodies react in different ways. It depends on bubs’ size, the position they’re in, the makeup of your uterus and birth canal, personal health and how you’re body responds to pain and trauma.

12. After having two babies naturally, both induced at 38 weeks, I am thankful I had vaginal births because I was up and about straight away with almost no restrictions.

13. I’ve never had a c-section but out of my three trapdoor births, the last was my easiest recovery. I had a 1.5-hour labour and no tearing or stitches. Up and about straight away.

14. I laboured for a day then emergency c-section with first and it was a difficult recovery. Second was an elective and I was dreading it, but turned out it wasn’t as bad as first.

15. I’ve done both. There are good and bad with both versions.

16. There is no easy option in child birth. You have to get a whole human out of you.

Do You Think Natural Birth Is The Easy Option?

Postnatal nurse Chrissy Coombes says recovery time is shorter with a vaginal birth

She says often women are more mobile and more independent with their babies, need less painkillers. However, if they had a tear this might not be the case.

In her experience babies who are born vaginally often have less mucus and are a little bit more settled and sleepy from the process.

Fed is best

Chrissy says she’s also not a fan of mums being pressured into breastfeeding.

“I hate the pressure put on women to breastfeed. There are many reasons babies might need a formula top up and you have not failed if you cannot or do not want to breast feed your baby.”

We couldn’t agree more Chrissy!

Here at the Healthy Mummy we love reading about birth stories, they show us how incredible we mums are.

And no matter how your precious bundle arrived, we congratulate you!

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