Studies show that girls with big butts are more intelligent

I like big butts and I can not lie.

According to researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom, having a bit of junk in the trunk is good for your health.

Legginings warping a nice booty

Big butts rejoice

Researchers have always said that fat distribution is important. If you’re going to have a little fat, it’s better to be below the waist as it becomes a barrier against heart disease, diabetes and other conditions that are linked to obesity. Belly fat is the dangerous fat that can lead to such diseases. Here are some tips to get rid of it.

Scientists write in the Journal of Obesity “It is the protective role of lower body, that is [thigh and backside] fat, that is striking. The protective properties of the lower-body fat depot have been confirmed in many studies conducted in subjects with a wide range of age, BMI and co-morbidities.”

Comparing your body shape to a fruit can help you understand if you’re on the right track to being healthy. Pear shape means your fat stores are below the waist line, in comparison to apple shape where your fat stores are around your organs, called metabolic fat.

Big butts, big brains

Having and maintaining a big derriere requires significant amounts of Omega 3 fats. Those fats have been proven to boost brain power, memory and cognitive abilities. Researchers have also found a link between women with wider hips and intelligent children, compared to less curvy women, with thinner hips.

So ladies, keep those squats up, keep that butt big and keep taking those Omega 3 fats.

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