DROOL – Top 5 HOT Celebrity Personal Trainers

This week we’ve done a new style of Healthy Mummy eye candy weekly. Keeping with the weight loss and exercise theme, we decided to find 5 of the best celebrity personal trainers and share them with you. You are welcome!

1.Mark Langowski Mark Langoskwi

Image source: shape.com


The founder of Body by Mark, this celebrity trainer has been in the business for 14 years. One of the most sought after trainers, paleo loving Mark helps out top CEO’s, Athletes and A-listers. Instagram: @bodybymarkwellness.

2. Noah Douglas Neiman  Noah Douglas NeimanImage source: sweatlifenyc.com

Running sell out boot camp classes, this trainer helps top celebrities stay in shape. Barry’s Bootcamp is where you’ll find Katie Holmes and Naomi Campbell alongside Noah, sans shirt, with his plethora of puppies. What a combination. Instagram: @noahdneiman

3. Chris Powell

Chris PowellImage Source: the boxmag.com


Powell is a personal trainer, author, TV host and Father. Is there anything this guy can’t do? He hosts American show Extreme Weight Loss and contributes to Good Morning Arizona and Good Morning America. When he’s not hosting or writing, he’s training celebrities such as DJ Kaled and Lauren Cohan (Maggie from The Walking Dead). Instagram: @realchrispowell

4. Marco Borges 

Marco BorgesImage source: blogs.canoe.com


Guess who Marco trains? The Queen herself. Not Elizabeth, the other Queen; Beyonce. Marco has even shared some of his top tips that got Bee in shape for the infamous Single Ladies video. Training and teaching celebs about nutrition for 20 years, Borges knows what he’s talking about. Also helping Jay-Z and Pharell Williams stay on the path of a healthy lifestyle, he is dedicated to helping people life a healthier, happier life.

5. David Kingsbury

David KingsburyImage source: dailymail.co.uk

Ever wondered who turned Hugh Jackman’s Boy From Oz into Wolverwine? His name is David Kingsbury and we have most certainly saved the best for last. Also helping Jennifer Lawrence prepare her body for X-Men, his list of celebrities to train is longer than my stamina doing burpees. Instagram: @teamkingsbury

Eye Candy and Top 5 Celeb personal trainers all rolled into one. Tune in next week to see our next batch of Healthy Mummy Eye Candy. Maybe you could give us some suggestions?

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