The Top 5 Coolest Daddy Bloggers On Instagram

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Bloggers are everywhere these days. Food bloggers, travel bloggers, mummy bloggers, the list goes on. I’m one myself, a mummy blogger.

It’s a term used all the time and it got me thinking….. Are there as many Daddy bloggers as Mummy bloggers?

So I got researching and found my favourite 5 Dad bloggers of Instagram.

[email protected] 

travel mad dad blogger

With over 5 thousand followers, this selfie stick loving, travel mad dad loves showing off his family and pictures from around the world. Somewhat new to the insta community, he started this profile 29 weeks ago. That’s pretty awesome.

2. @adaywithdad

 a day with dad blogger

This Dad takes amazing photos with his daughter, Lexi, in Hong Kong. We love all of his father daughter moments, captured perfectly along his journey through parenthood.

3. @drbabywearingdad  

dr baby wearing blogger

You guys, this Dad blogger advocates baby wearing!!! Plus he’s funny AND he’s attractive. With 15 thousand followers, I think we’ll hit the follow button too.

4. @youthedaddy

 you the daddy blogger

This Papa is a first time blogger and reviewer, and his Instagram feed is full of beautiful pictures through a father’s perspective of pregnancy, babies and parenthood.

5. @threegainstoneblog 

three against one dad blog

Reminding us of Jason Sudeikis, #TheDad as he calls himself on his Instagram, is a smaller blogger with 200 followers. His guide to parenting is funny and in one of his pictures, he talks about bringing his wife a cup of tea and feeding the baby while dealing with wine flu. So naturally we love him!

There you go, there are Daddy bloggers out there! And they’re all quite witty and funny too, who knew…….

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