WARNING: Redsbaby urging customers to check the brake on stroller

Redsbaby has put out an important message for customers who received their prams between March and September 2018.

The Australian stroller company issued a warning on their website and via email about two of their models, the Jive2 and Metro2.

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Redsbaby JIVE² Platinum with Bassinet in Mulberry…mulberry fabric > black leatherette > gunmetal grey chassis.

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Redsbaby warning customers to check the brakes on their stroller

Redsbaby has revealed a small number of their customers have reported the brakes on their pram do not unlock once they have been activated.

“We’ve become aware of a very small percentage of customers reporting their brake does not disengage (unlock) once it has been activated,” the statement read.

“While this only affects a very small percentage of customers, and is unlikely to affect you, we’re taking proactive measures to contact you as your batch* may be affected.”

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Redsbaby METRO² in Pewter…warm grey fabric > walnut leatherette > silver chassis.

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Batch numbers

This applies to Jive2 and Metro2 products shipped between March and September only (Batch 18.01-10-17 to 18.07-03-18).

To check your batch, you can revert to the batch number printed on a white sticker located on the Axel between the two rear wheels.

This does not apply to any products currently being shipped or on pre-order from the warehouse, including the SKIP Stroller.

What to do if your brake is affected

The stroller company recommends you take your pram to the nearest Redsbaby approved pram repairer and the brake will be fixed free of charge.

“We recommend that you take your pram to your nearest Redsbaby-approved pram repairer to upgrade the brake on your pram, free of charge. The upgraded brake is aesthetically the same, and functions in the same way, as your current brake.”

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“Please bear in mind that there may be higher than usual numbers of bookings for the repairers, and we appreciate your patience while we find the earliest and most convenient time for your visit.”

You can contact the Customer Care team on 1300 344 964 (Monday to Friday 9.00am – 4.30pm AEDT), or via email at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns surrounding visiting the pram repairer, or the brake upgrade.

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