We’ve Found The Newest Mum Fad – Umbilical Cord Art

If you think blending up your placenta and popping it in pill form has become too mainstream, have we got some news for you.

Now you can make umbilical cord art. OMG YAY*

A Magical Process

It really is magical; creating life inside your body, watching it grow, kick, hiccup inside your belly. The power and alignment you feel when you birth a real life human being is empowering. It’s like you were born with this soul purpose and everything feels so magical you could probably vomit rainbows.

Now, imagine if you could keep a piece of that sacred moment (yes, we know you get to keep the baby. We mean something else.) Imagine if you could create a keepsake out of the very thing that kept your baby alive and kicking inside your belly.

It’s called umbilical cord art. And it is….. well, interesting.

How Do You Make It?

To create your own piece of nope magic, you’ll need to start designing your masterpiece when the cord is still fresh and covered in blood. So you going to have to put your newborn baby down for minute and focus.

You then have to bake it (pop some cookies in at the same time #multitasking), and cook it at a low heat until it’s completely dried out.

You can even make a dream catcher and hang it on the wall so everyone asks about it. However when youย explain what it is and no one will want to come to your house again. A win in my books, I won’t have to clean the house for anyone.

Apparently there are all different things to do with your placenta too. Enjoy.

*Please note the sarcasm


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