Mum Attempts to Change Daughter’s Name Three Times In 18 Months

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A father has voiced his concerns over his wife’s obsession with changing their daughter’s name for the third time. While baby name regret is actually quite common, has she gone too far?

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18 per cent of parents admit to regretting their baby’s name at one stage or another. While most women let the feelings of regret pass, Reddit user rad_dad2016’s wife is definitely not one of those women.  After already changing their daughter’s name at the three month mark, 15 months later she wants to change it again.

Baby Name Regret

And thus, the supportive husband and father is faced with a dilemma. Tell his wife, who, he admits, has a tendency to obsess over things, to leave the name alone? Or let her change their daughter’s name again?

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“We decided on A after nine months of deliberation,” rad-dad2016 writes on Reddit. “She was very obsessive about the name A at the time, looking up all meanings, symbolism, famous people with the name, etc. A is born and everything is roses.”

But as their daughter started to grow and develop a personality, his wife had a change of heart.

“At the three month mark, my wife says she feels weird about the name. It’s too common, it doesn’t feel right, it seems like the wrong name. So I ask her what she would prefer and she says B sounds more ‘right’ to her, but we still refer to her as A.”

Third time lucky?

But it didn’t end there. As rad-dad2016 explains, “Now at the 18 month mark, she thinks C sounds better.”

The Reddit user voiced his concerns in hopes others would help him with his dilemma (he doesn’t share the name choices, though). He admitted that, while his wife does obsess over names, hobbies and other things, he’s concerned even the third name won’t stick.

“What’s to say she won’t tire of it and move onto D?”

Most of the commenters agreed that changing a child’s name at 18 months is not a good idea but the comments have since been disabled and it’s unclear what rad_dad2016 decided to do.

“It’s too common, it doesn’t feel right, it seems like the wrong name.”

rad_dad2016’s wife isn’t alone in her concerns. A new study suggests that of the 18 per cent of parents who regret their child’s name, the most common reasons are because it is too popular and because it just doesn’t feel right.

However, only 1 in 50 women who did experience baby name regret did change their child’s name. Have a look at the most regretted baby names of this year.

Tell us, what would you do if you were in rad_dad2016’s situation? Would you change or would you say no? 

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