Mum of two beats her post natal depression and drops 30kgs*

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Chloe Cox was terrified of suffering from post natal depression again with her second child, but after joining The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge she not only beat PND but lost 30kgs*.chloe cox before and afterHealthy Mummy community member Chloe is a mum who had two babies in the space of two years. She suffered from PND with her first child and her life started to go downhill.

She has shared her amazing transformation with us and hopes that it will inspire other mums in her situation to get fit and healthy.

Chloe Cox Shares Her Story

On Post Natal Depression (PND)

After her first baby Chloe suffered from PND and her relationship with her husband suffered dramatically, as did the bond between with her daughter. She was so incredibly scared of that happening again with her second baby.

“Two weeks postpartum, with an 18-month-old, I weighed 113kgs*. It wasn’t so much the number I was focused on, it was how I felt and my ability to function as a mum to a busy toddler that didn’t sleep and a newborn.”

“I was so tired, lethargic and unhappy all the time and almost felt numb and it needed to change. I needed to do something for me, but be beneficial for the whole family.”

Cue all things Healthy Mummy

Chloe says a ‘beautiful friend’ added her to The Healthy Mummy Facebook page late one night, she signed up to the challenge and purchased a smoothie tub instantly.

“I have food intolerances and was breastfeeding my son so I assumed there would be nothing out there gentle enough for my tummy and his. But the Healthy Mummy Smoothies have been exactly that.

“I love that I can have a decadent chocolate smoothie that resembles a McDonald’s thick shake and lose weight!”

Getting Stuck Into Meal Planning

After a little while Chloe was customising her meal plan and shopping with ease, the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge just slotted into her family’s life easily. She initially didn’t tell her hubby.

“Since we had met I’d been chasing my dream body, following every fad diet in the spotlight only to have nothing work. So I didn’t want to hear his groans and complaints.”

“A few dinners into the challenge he started commenting on how amazing the meals had been, asking where I was getting these recipes from.”

“So I spilled the secret, to my surprise he then started going through the app requesting specific meals. As soon as I started making the amazing 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge snacks he too was hooked.”

Mum Of Two Beat Post Natal Depression And Lost 30kg*

Exercise Is Key

Once she got the all-clear from her obstetrician, she started introducing walks into her daily routine. Chloe says exercise was good for her physically but also mentally.

“With two children under two I needed to get out of the house, even if that was un-showered with bed hair.”

“As my fitness increased I started doing the challenge exercises and attending a local boot camp. This was way out of my comfort zone and pre-children I would never have even considered it.”

The Progress And The Pay Off

“I now go to boot camp three times a week, do my challenge exercises daily and walk every second day.”

“Exercise and healthy eating is a part of our everyday life now, it isn’t a fad and it certainly isn’t a diet.”

“To date I have lost 30kgs* with the help of The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and The Healthy Mummy smoothies.

Chloe’s Goals For The Future

“I’m not sure how much more I want to lose until I reach my goal. I don’t want to put an exact number on it. My goal is to be fit, healthy and 100 per cent comfortable in my own skin.”

“We have eliminated most packaged foods from our house, we are eating better than ever, we never feel deprived of anything.”

“Our children are better behaved and sleeping better than ever all thanks to The Healthy Mummy.”

Thank you for sharing your story Chloe. We are so happy to read about your progress and how happy you and your family are with your new lifestyle – and you look amazing!

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If you are suffering from PND we really encourage you to visit your GP or get in touch with PANDA to help you.

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