How a ‘vent buddy’ is important to your health

Having a “vent buddy” contributes to better health according to a clinical psychologist who claims that it’s better to vent out your frustrations than keeping them to yourself.

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How a ‘vent buddy’ is important to your health

According to clinical psychologist and author of “Paradoxical Strategies in Psychotherapy” Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D., venting out your frustrations to someone relieves you of stress and tension.

A vent buddy is someone you consider a reliable friend who you can talk to whenever you want someone to listen and not judge you.

According to experts, having a “vent buddy” is good for your mental health.

Mums who experience a series of tough situations also find venting to a friend is helpful to their well-being.

“For multiple reasons, negative emotions stimulate social interaction in many forms: social comparison, storytelling and narration, conversation, and last but not least, a search for emotional support through contact with attachment figures, or their elective substitutes in adulthood,” the study noted.

“Substantial evidence shows that mentally or socially reactivating the memory of an emotional experience rekindles response components of this experience, such as mental images, associated feelings, bodily sensations, and physiologic arousal (e.g., Pennebaker & Beall, 1986; Rimé, Noël & Philippot, 1991b; Schaeffer & Philippot, 2005). Thus, talking about a negative episode should involve an aversive experience and individuals should avoid doing so. Yet, theoretical reasoning has opened up strong arguments in the opposite direction.”

Here are some of the reasons why a vent is good for you:

It will help you cope

With a vent buddy you are able to release your bottled up emotions and rants in life.

A study in 2009 showed that opening up to someone and disclosing your thoughts and struggles to that trusted someone would help you cope and lower the tensions you feel within.

You realise someone is willing to help

Having someone to talk to instantly make us feel that we’re actually not alone.

Someone out there will be willing to help and listen with empathy. There will always be that friend who understands and cares for you.

You will see a new perspective

Talking to a vent buddy also helps you see things through a new perspective. Your vent buddy can simply help you realise what you have been doing wrong or look at things in a different light.

You will be able to practice empathy

Your vent buddy might also be going through something and being able to interact with them helps you practice empathy. You are able to help each other in staying mentally healthy.

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