Did you know this symptom about postnatal depression? It happened to Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen reveals the postnatal depression symptom she experienced with daughter Luna, and she's unsure of weather it will happen again with her son.
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Postnatal depression. It affects one in seven mums, and the signs and symptoms can occur all at once or gradually.

For Chrissy Teigen, it was the latter.

The mum of 2 opens up on what some may not know about the symptoms of postnatal depression.

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Little known postnatal depression symptom

Tegien has been open with her experiences with motherhood and when it comes to her struggle with postnatal depression with her daughter Luna, she is no different.

Chrissy revealed that it wasn’t until MONTHS after her daughter Luna arrived that she first started feeling the symptoms, she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I think what people don’t know is that sometimes it takes time to kick in,” Chrissy said.

Luna is now 2 years old and Chrissy is apprehensive and said that it still may happen with her newborn son, Miles who is now 3 months old.

Playing the waiting game, Chrissy said, “That’s what I’m still wondering now, honestly, I’m three months out with Miles and when I hit that point with Luna, it was at this time. Around three months.” 

Kaitie Purssell, who is a Healthy Mummy consultant, reveals it took her months to recognise her symptoms and even a year to admit she had postnatal depression.

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Being kind to yourself

When her postnatal depression did occur with Luna, Chrissy said the family took a holiday to Bali to recuperate.

They have just spent the last few weeks in Bali again, as Teigen said she didn’t want to wait around to see if she was going to feel low or down, “because at this point you have to try anything to feel better,” she said.

Being kind to yourself and doing whatever you need for you is a great step if you’re feeling these symptoms.

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Taking it slow is also another way to manage emotions. Chrissy said, “you just don’t know what’s gonna happen. I don’t know what next week is gonna be like. You take it day by day.”

“I feel like at least now if it does happen, I’ll know it upon the first time I feel it. Rather than wondering for so long why I was feeling like that.”

Pregnancy and being a new parent releases all kinds of emotions and hormones and even some you didn’t even know existed. Adele’s best friend speaks out about her experience with postpartum psychosis here and urges others to speak up.

Getting The Support You Need

One in seven women in Australia suffers from postnatal depression and one in ten new fathers also experience postnatal depression, says Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia (PANDA).

If you or someone you know is struggling, then remember you are not alone. Have a look at our story on what every mum who has experienced PND needs to hear as well as our post natal depression archives for ways to get the help you deserve.

For more on the signs and symptoms of postnatal depression visit www.panda.org.au


PANDA National Helpline www.panda.org.au – 1300 726 306

Beyond Blue www.beyondblue.org.au 1300 224 636

Join our Healthy Mummy support groups for support through other mums, judgement-free!

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