Mum makes 79 healthy kids meals and snacks for $50 – that’s just over 63 CENTS PER SERVE!

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Mealtimes can sometimes be a bit of a battle in any household, especially if you have a fussy eater! But there ARE ways to find healthy, yummy kids meals that your child will ACTUALLY eat!

Jacoby Hall, who is a member of our Healthy Mummy community, says her daughter eats a variety of meals that she makes from the Healthy Kids Cookbook. And making healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive!

In fact, Jacoby recently made 79 kids meals and snacks for $50 – that works out at just over 63 CENTS per serve!

food made

79 kids meals and snacks for $50 – that’s just over 63 CENTS per serve!

Jacoby says her daughter eats most things, but she doesn’t eat plain veg, so she has found inventive ways to include them in her diet.

Jacoby cooking

“I hide veg in all recipes. I especially pick recipes that I can hide finely chopped up veg in,” she says.

“Her fave food is Asian style food, and she loves the meat pies from the book – in fact, that’s a family fave and I’ve made it a few times. My daughter also loves the sugarless muffins – she likes warmed up, she won’t eat them otherwise.

“My daughter has grown up eating Healthy Mummy recipes, from about 10 months old, so she is used to eating well and picks healthy choices herself.” 

What Jacoby made:

Baked Risotto Balls x 12


This is the perfect way to get your children eating rice from when they are young and find it difficult to use a soon. The flavour possibilities are endless too.

Salmon cakes  x 10

Jacoby used tuna and gluten free crumbs for this recipe. These cakes are a great way to get some fish into your family’s diet. Tuna or salmon are also a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. 

Meat pies x 10 (5 kids portions and 5 adult serves)

Meat pie

Little kids love their own individual pie. These homemade meat pies are a much better option than bough one, as there is less pastry and no artificial ingredients or added sodium. It’s also a great opportunity to sneak additional veggies into your child’s diet.

Veggie Pesto Pasta x 3

This pasta dish is easy to make and a great way to introduce your child to new flavours and textures. This recipe contains pine nuts.

Homemade Muesli Bars x 12

museli bars

Homemade muesli bars are a handy, energy-packed snack for home or in a lunch box (this recipe doesn’t contain any nuts). This recipe is deliciously sweetened with honey and apple, but has no refined sugar.

Savoury Muffins x 16


Some kids don’t like sandwiches, so this muffin is a great alternative for lunches, or even breakfast. It is high in fibre, low in sugar and salt, and loaded with healthy vegetables. Jacoby made her smaller so they are easier for little hands.

Sugarless Breakfast Muffins x 16


This recipe uses fruit for sweetness but contains no additional sugar and no refined sugar, as well as wholemeal flour.

You can find ALL of these recipes and more in the Healthy Kids Cookbook. To purchase yours, click here.

Vy new

Needless-to-say, Jacoby’s daughter LOVED all the food and couldn’t wait to eat it! What a fantastic cook-up – great job Jacoby!

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