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Our Healthy Mummy community come together to host Bun in the Oven events to help raise money for Gidget Foundation

The Healthy Mummy has partnered with the Gidget Foundation to help raise awareness and funds for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety (PNDA).

And our Healthy Mummy Community have come together to show their support for this amazing cause by hosting their own Bun in the Oven events to help raise funds for the Gidget Foundation.

Here are some of the delicious and fun events our mums planned.

jess tea
Jess with fellow Healthy Mummy mum Chloe Cox

Jess’s Gidget Foundation morning tea

Jessica May Magill held a morning tea and made a range of Healthy Mummy treats from our free Bun in the Oven eBook, our free recipes and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

jessica may mcgill

Jess says that she raised over $200 for The Gidget Foundation.

“Today was my Bun In The Oven morning tea! We raised over $200 for the Gidget Foundation and had a great catch up at the same time!”

gidget foundation mornign tea

What did Jess cook up?

coconut caramel

Raisha’s Bun in the Oven morning tea

Raisha Arden bun in the oven

Raisha Aarden says that the morning tea that was held in Newcastle was a wonderful success!

“What a gorgeous & generous bunch of Mummas! Together we have so far raised $525 & will continue to raise funds for The Gidget Foundation!”


The Bun in the Oven picnic

Sally Stepniewski Bun in the Oven picnic

Sally Stepniewski says she raised over $100 for The Gidget Foundation. The foods she made for the picnic were all made from The Healthy Mummy Bun in the Oven eBook and were all gluten-free.

sally picnic gidget

“It was a gorgeous morning at our local lake, we went for a walk together around the lake, then the kids played and ate, while us mummas chatted, and enjoyed the glorious weather and good company.”

Bootcamp then Bun in the Oven event
kate jacklin gidget

Kate Jacklin says that she headed off to boot camp then attended a Bun in the Oven morning tea picnic. “It was wonderful spending the morning with a bunch of lovely ladies all knowing how important this cause is.”

Bun in the oven kate jacklin

Cassie’s Bun in the Oven afternoon tea

Cassie McKay held her Bun in the Oven afternoon tea and everything she made was a Healthy Mummy recipe – either from the 28 Day Challenge recipe hub or the Bun in the Oven recipe book.

Cassie recently shared with us why this cause is so close to her heart.

Check out some of her baked goodies below.


Cassie McKay Bun in the Oven

Taking Bun in the Oven to the park

Amy Atkinson bun in the oven

Amy Atkinson says that today’s Bun in the Oven morning tea was a success and look at those happy faces including Kate Jacklin who was attending her second event for the day! Well done ladies!

Perinatal Depression and Anxiety (PNDA) PND effects 1 in 5 mums & 1 in 10 dads and it is the biggest cause of maternal death.

“We are so passionate about supporting The Gidget Foundation to do all we can as mothers to raise money for this much-needed cause,” she says.

amy atkinson bun in the oven food

Well done on all your hard work baking and fundraising ladies it looks like all your Bun in the Oven events were a hit! We love that you all got behind this amazing cause and supported it.

Check out these other mums Bun in the Oven events:

Whip up some of the delicious creations our mums did with our FREE Bun In The Oven healthy recipe e-book full of baking inspiration.

You can also still donate, just go to The Healthy Mummy donation page to make a small donation – it can be $1 or more if you can afford it.

Grab your free Bun in the Oven cookbook

The Healthy Mummy is excited to have partnered with the Gidget Foundation to raise funds for the Bun in the Oven campaign.

bun in the oven

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