Tips to help you be more assertive this Christmas

Are you prone to putting others needs well ahead of your own? This Christmas, it's time to take a stand and reclaim your right to be your first priority with these tips for taking charge and asserting your needs.
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Generally speaking, it can seem that men are naturally assertive. If they want something, they take it or they have no qualms asking for it.

Women, on the other hand, may feel the need to be diplomatic, they may feel guilt, the need to consider others feelings .

While this difference between the genders may be placed as just a piece of the bigger picture of inequality or social stereotypes, here’s how you can be assertive this Christmas and take control of your choices.

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How to be more assertive this Christmas

1. Self-care is important. Be selfish if you need to be

Constantly taking into account other peoples feelings or needs may be nice and considerate however you may also find that your needs and wants come in last.

This can then leave you with unhealthy coping mechanisms like emotional eating in the face of stress and other negative events.

Self-care is such an integral component in being healthy and leading a positive lifestyle.

If you think this sounds selfish, chances are you’ve gotten so used to putting others before yourself, you’ve lost a sense of how important you are.

This Christmas if the build-up with the present buying, cleaning, planning and cooking are becoming overwhelming and stressful, don’t ask for permission to have a break, just take it!

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2. Don’t give in, compromise

How many times have you given in to other peoples demands and wishes because you’ve found yourself too scared to say no or not wanted to rock the boat?

Being assertive involves having courage and strength to hold your own, qualities you may not believe you possess.

Think about the things you have done to lose so much weight, you’ve made conscious choices in your life for the better – believe it or not, this takes strength and courage!

Instead of trying to cook for multiple families plus clean the house all by yourself, delegate cleaning jobs to your partner and kids. Let them know that if they do the cleaning up and you will take care of the cooking.

If you find yourself faced with the task of cooking a Christmas meal for multiple families, ask guests to bring a plate and you’ll take care of the mains like turkey or ham and desserts.

If healthy eating saboteurs are trying to force you to eat something you know you’ll regret later, diplomatically tell them no!

Whatever your situation this Christmas, don’t cave in! Set your own terms then be prepared to compromise but don’t stray too far from your conditions.

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3. You can’t please everyone

Some women try to please everyone and find themselves stretched so thin, they start to crumble under the strain.

Once you put yourself first and set your own terms, people may accuse you of being selfish or find fault in what you do. These are the people who are toxic in your life and who’s opinion you could do without.

It’s impossible to please everyone, the only people you need to consider is yourself and your immediate family.

So if you suggest to the family to bring a plate and some people have an issue with that, let them know it’s unrealistic for you to cook for so many people by yourself and take care of your children at the same time.

If they don’t want to contribute by bringing a plate, perhaps they should reconsider their attendance or arrive after the meal is finish for dessert.

It may sound harsh and people will most likely call you names, but you can’t please everyone and nor should you try to.

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