Bec Judd Reveals How She Explained To Her Son Where Babies Come From

Bec Judd has opened up on the, erm, interesting way she explained to her eldest son about how babies are made…

In an interview on her KIIS FM radio show The 3pm Pick-Up, the mum of four revealed her son Oscar, five, had asked her how his younger siblings came into the world and their conversation was very awkward to say the least!

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‘How Are Babies Made?’

“Just magic,” Bec says she told Oscar, but she says he wasn’t buying it.

“Oh look, it’s actually magic kisses and cuddles between mum and dad,” she says she then told him.

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Bec, 34, says after she’d given birth to her twins Tom and Darcy last year, Oscar overheard her telling friends that they had been ‘conceived’ in New Zealand.

“Well I was there, why didn’t I see it? I wish I could have seen it!” Bec recalls Oscar saying to her.

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When Bec finally told Oscar it was a private thing between mum and dad, she says her son went away to try to piece it all together.

And when he thought he’d figured it out, he was very pleased with himself.

“Daddy puts the baby in your tummy with magic kisses and cuddles and he has a magic wand?” Bec says Oscar asked her.

“Yes darling, daddy has a very big magic wand,” she told him.

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Haha! That’s definitely an interesting way to explain how babies are made to kids!

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When To Talk To Kids About Conception

Meanwhile, Belinda Messer, the author of The 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees, believes kindergarten is the best time to talk to your children about conception.

‘At four you can teach a child about reproduction without embarrassment. After that, they become more self conscious and their ideas are liable to come more from what they’re hearing from other kids,” she tells the Sydney Morning Herald.

“There is a reality that children start learning about sex very early in a way that amounts to misinformation. So why not get it right.”

However, as a parent it’s up to you to decide when your child is ready.