WATCH: the HILARIOUS differences between a 2018 mum and a 1988 mum

If you were a child of the eighties, here’s something you’ll definitely relate to!

US mum bloggers Meredith Masony from That’s Inappropriate and Tiffany Jenkins from Juggling the Jenkins teamed up to show how different parenting was in 1988 compared to now in 2018.

You’ll be giggling through their video like we were!

2018 mum 1988 mum

2018 mum versus 1988 mum

Certain things just didn’t exist in 1988; iPhones, stranger danger, Googling symptoms and more!

This hilarious video shows how much parenting has changed over the decades and you’ll get some massive flashbacks if you were a child of the eighties. Check out these two mums re-eneacting some classic situations from entertaining the kids to the simple act of taking a photo.

Check out these 7 modern parenting trends that would baffle our own mums!

Question is, are you more of a 2018 mum or a 1988 mum?

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