Lara Worthington – Has She Or Hasn’t She Given Birth?

We’re guessing she has.

Reports are flooding the inter-webs that Lara Worthington has given birth to a baby boy. We’re in a bit of a Bingle because we want to give you details, but we don’t have many…………………but don’t worry, we’re going to tell you what we DO KNOW!!

Mama @sharonbingle ❤️

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Mama Bingle

We know that Mama Bingle, Sharon was in New York recently. This is only speculation, but we’re guessing she’s there to babysit her Grandson, Rocket Zot, while the Aussie ex-pats go and birth a baby. Of course she’s also there to meet her newest addition to the Worthington-Bingle brood.

In the photo, Lara still looks amazing, but we can’t help but notice the tired persona she’s conveying. Black and white filters fix everything, so we’re onto you Lara.

It’s a ritual in my family! #bellycast

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Our Second Clue

The second clue she gives us is her belly cast, claiming it to be a ritual in her family.  The belly cast is primarily done just before you give birth. The fact that her cast is three weeks old now, coupled with mama Bingle being in town, and of course those rumours on the internet, we can only assume she had the baby around mid-October.

The rumours flying around suggest that Lara and hubby, Sam Worthington, have had another boy.

We honestly can’t wait for his name and a glimpse of the naturally blessed bub.