Lara Worthington Shares Rare and Glamorous Pregnancy Photo

Lara Worthington, who we can’t help but nickname Bingleworth, has shared a beautiful and rare Instagram image of her glowing pregnancy bump. And while we are yet to catch even the slightest glimpse of baby Bingle, we can’t get enough of her glam outfit!

The day of.

A photo posted by Lara Worthington (@laraworthington) on

The Day Of??

We’re assuming this photo was taken on D-day, due to the caption “The day of.” And holy wow, absolutely rocking some pretty exquisite heels; and very eloquently we might add. This is one hot mama who knows how to rock 9 months pregnant! And we’re still DYING to find out the name.

Being Lara Bingle

Now extremely private about her home life with husband, Sam Worthington, and babies, she was once the talk of the tabloids. She even starred in her own reality TV series, Being Lara Bingle. Documenting every step of her life, these days, more than two months after giving birth, we still have no clue of the name nor have we seen her second baby.

NY fall days.

A photo posted by Lara Worthington (@laraworthington) on

Notice The Shoes

Now, I’m no detective, but check out her Instagram post from 9 weeks ago. Look at the shoes and the hint of a black trench at the bottom. I’m guessing these two photos were taken on the same day. If my calculations are correct, baby bingleworth was born about 9 weeks ago. I should start doing some investigating about the name, I might actually be able to crack it. 

Lara, please hurry up and show us a glimpse of those chubby little cheeks. Pretty please. At least someone tell us the name. 

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