Your little one’s love of nature is inherited from you – and it could make them smarter!

There are two types of people in this world. Those who love being outside and those who prefer the indoors.

In fact, new research has discovered that a child’s love for nature is inherited from their parents.

Numerous studies have found that being among nature is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health.

Your little one's love from nature is inherited from you - and it could make them smarter!

Are you at one with nature? You’ve got your parents to thank for that…

Experts from the National University of Singapore surveyed more than 1,100 pairs of twins.

They asked them about their feelings towards nature. They found that identical twins, who share 100% of their genes, were more aligned.

Meanwhile, fraternal twins, who share 50% of their genes, didn’t always have the same views.

Kids who spend time outdoors are happier and smarter

Scientists say kids who spend time playing outdoors are happier and smarter

There’s nothing quite like being outdoors in the fresh air – and it’s extremely important for our kids to be out and about in nature on a regular basis.

Recent research has revealed that children who spend a lot of time playing outside are actually happier and smarter.

A study by scientists at the Aarhus University in Denmark found that children who spend time in nature may become less likely to develop psychiatric disorders in adulthood.

Scientists say kids who spend time playing outdoors are happier and smarter

What’s more, a survey by the U.K.’s National Trust found that the average child spends just over FOUR hours a WEEK in nature.

The generation before spent, on average, around 8.2 hours a week playing outdoors.

1,000 Hours Outside, which is an online community encouraging families to spend time outside, the co-founder Ginny Yurich highlights the importance.

“Children who are allowed this freedom of time outside get lost in nature,” she told

“They get lost in their imaginations, and they get lost in wonder. And then they rapidly develop.” 

“There are many factors why but one reason is due to the rich sensory environment that nature always provides.”

Ginny recommends parents encourage their children to spend four to six hours at least three to four times a week in Mother Nature.

Scientists say kids who spend time playing outdoors are happier and smarter

Screen time isn’t bad for babies – as long as they have a friend

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