Study confirms mums get LESS sleep than dads for the first SIX years of their child’s life!

While it’s no surprise to hear new parents are sleep deprived, it’s interesting to know that mums, in particular, feel this way for six years following the birth of a baby!

In fact, mums sleep, on average, an hour less than before pregnancy each night in those first three months.

However, dads lose out on 15 minutes, a recent study has found.

What’s more, by the time the kids were four to six years old, mums are still missing out on around 20 minutes of sleep while dads are still only missing out on 15 minutes.

Study confirms mums get LESS sleep than dads for the first SIX years of their child's life!

Mums are sleep deprived for the first 6 years after giving birth – more than dads.

The study examined the sleep patterns of 4,659 parents who had a child between 2008 and 2015.

Experts found that sleep duration, in particular for mums, doesn’t recover to pre-pregnancy levels until your first child is in school!

Interestingly, breastfeeding mothers lost more sleep compared to bottle-feeding moms.

Researchers find the MORE children women have, the BETTER they SLEEP! Wait, what?!

While these findings might seem bleak, the study authors say it’s important parents realise the realistic expectations and don’t get sucked in by other parents claiming their children sleep through.

Also, there is some good news – parents don’t get more sleep deprived the more kids they have!

So, sneak in a nap or lie-in whenever you can, mamma.

And you don’t need to be guilted into taking turns with your partner, as research shows he’s getting more kip than you!

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Men can sleep like logs despite how many kids in the house, says study

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