The Young Mummy FINALLY Has Her Baby And With The Cutest Name

The Young Mummy blogger, Sophie Cachia, has FINALLY given birth.  As her due date came and went she shared her frustrations with all her followers and was quite clearly ‘over it’.

The day before her induction was booked (yesterday), Sophie started having contractions and to her fans delight, she live snap-chatted her journey to giving birth.

Complete ?

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It’s A Girl

Sophie is thrilled and absolutely smitten with her little girl, Betty. Both her and her husband were convinced that they were having another boy, so this was the ultimate surprise.  She said she even had to double check the umbilical cord was not a penis!!

Betty You Have Blown Our Minds

So convinced they were having another boy, they already had the name Hank picked. She is beyond happy to have her little girl and her name is ADORABLE. Betty is the perfect match for their toddler Bobby.

There is nothing like a mother/daughter bond, but Sophie says that she is blown away by the instant father daughter bond with her husband.  Just look at how he is staring at his little girl. Smitten.

Mummy got her little girl. Betty Cachia, you complete me ? @elsacampbell @birthphotographycollective

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Mummy Got Her Little Girl

The look on a mother’s face after she gives birth is just heavenly.  It’s a mixture between utter exhaustion and pure joy.

Congratulations Sophie, enjoy these precious moments with your now family of 4.

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