The Young Mummy Shares Cute Photo But Take A Closer Look

The Young Mummy is causing hysterics with one of her latest Instagram posts.

Yesterday, she posted what seemed like a cute photo with her son, Bobby. But have a closer look at the caption.

Mummy blogger, Sophia Cachia, has a mass following of mums on her Instagram and she loves sharing honest truths about parenting. In one of her latest hilarious posts, she posted a selfie with her son Bobby.  Cute right?

We would have been none the wiser had it not been for her caption, “To the naked eye, this looks like your standard cute photo of Bobby & I. This photo was in fact captured whilst I was taking a poo. Just thought I’d let you all know. Especially for all those planning on children soon. This. Is. Your. Life. Goodnight.” 

Oh Sophia, We Hear You

Becoming a parent is a lot of things……rewarding, exhausting, exhausting to name a few. However, there’s definitely one thing the book What To Expect When You’re Expecting left out. You will never get to poo alone. Ever again.

It’s like kids have a switch in them that goes off when we attempt to take a bowel movement. Oh, and don’t even attempt to shut that bathroom door while you poop. They also ‘NEED’ you close by when they move their bowels.

Toilet Selfie

We live in a time where our phones are constantly attached to us. I’d be lying if I said I never took a toilet selfie with a child on my lap. It’s even funnier when you use Snapchat filters.

Thanks, Young Mummy, for keeping it real and making us feel completely normal.


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