Our FAVE 5 Celebrity Chefs Heating Up Our Kitchen

We love a male chef here at The Healthy Mummy. Any man who cooks us food can honestly have our heart.

Here our favourite 5.

1. Jamie Oliver

Big love from me and the gang folks: happy Friday jox x x x hope you all have a great weekend

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Forget favourite chef, he’s my hall pass. This guy has been around since I was a teenager and the crush just keeps getting stronger with the more adorable kids he has. Jools and Jamie had their fifth baby recently and we love how often he’s been sharing snaps of his family, in amongst the glorious food.

2.Curtis Stone

Curtis is a crowd favourite around the Healthy Mummy office, and can you blame us? His fresh Aussie accent and laid back personality (and the fact that he can cook) makes him a sure 10/10. I wish Curtis would feed US those grapes!

3. Matt Moran

Matt Moran has a beautiful and calm personality and his Insta food pics look scrumptious. His friendly persona (and the fact that he can cook… You don’t understand how much I LOVE FOOD YOU GUYS) makes him so attractive. A friend of mine has met Matt and she said that you couldn’t even tell he was a celeb, he was that humble.

4. Manu Feidel

Nice to spend time with gorgeous little one!!!

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CAN HE GET ANY MORE ADORABLE? Well, he could if you hear him speak. I would marry that amazing french accent if I could. Judging on My Kitchen Rules, Australia absolutely fell in love with him. Even more so when we saw him Rumba his way to win Dancing With The Stars in 2011.

5. Colin Fassnidge

Daddy day care ……… Mystery tour ⛴

A photo posted by Colin fassnidge (@cfassnidge) on

This Daddy daycare celebrity chef is so adorable on his Instagram. Sharing a bunch of pics with his curly haired kids amongst photos of his restaurant, 4fourteen, this celeb chef melts our hearts. His curls and accent are to die for!

These are our FAVE celeb chef’s, but we’d love to hear about yours! And please don’t say Gordon Ramsey, although I have seen his daughter’s show on ABC3 and it’s pretty adorbs.


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