Angry Parents Slam Peppa Pig Producers For Fat-Shaming Daddy Pig

The producers at Peppa Pig have come under fire for they way they poke fun at one of their character’s weight on the show.

Have Peppa Pig’s porky jibes gone too far?

The cartoon, which first aired in 2004, follows the lives of pig Peppa, her younger brother George and her mum and dad – who is often teased for being unhealthy and overweight.

On one episode, Peppa makes the password to her treehouse ‘Daddy’s big tummy’ and everyone laughs at him.

Her dad then tries (and fails) to enter the treehouse, and Peppa tells him that’s because “his tummy is too big.”

While it may only be light-hearted humour for kids, it seems parents – who watch the popular cartoon with their kids – are beginning to find the fat-shaming remarks offensive, with many branding Peppa a ‘bully’ on social media.

Are you exposing your kids to adult content? 

Social media divided

“We need to start a campaign to get Peppa and her family to stop fat-shaming Daddy pig,” one person tweeted.

And it seems others agree:

However, another user says people are being over sensitive and should take it with a pinch of salt.

“So Peppa Pig is a fat shaming bully now? I think people are being too sensitive,” another wrote.

Do you agree or disagree?

The Healthy Mummy has reached out to Peppa Pig’s production company for comment.

Peppa’s not the only daughter to get a kick out of teasing her dad about his weight, this Aussie surfer’s remarks about her dad during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres went viral. 

We hope the famous piglet’s upcoming movie, My First Cinema Experience: Peppa’s Australian Holiday – which hits Aussie cinemas in March – has less fat-shaming jibes in it.

While Peppa Pig is coming under scrutiny, The Wiggles have just signed a 5 year ABC global distribution contract.


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